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Episode 29 – Non-Negotiable’s

By Caitlyn de Beer | September 17, 2019

Today we chat ‘Non-Negotiables’, the personal boundaries that you put in place to protect your happiness, stability and relationships. I share my top 5 non-negotiable’s with you and then walk you through a short, easy process to identify your own non-negotiable’s.    

Episode 28 – Spring back into shape (Resilience uncovered)

By Caitlyn de Beer | August 28, 2019

Resilience: “Rather than letting failure overcome them and drain their resolve, resilient people find a way to rise from the ashes.” Whilst your genes may direct the extent to which resilience comes naturally to you, it doesn’t have to be your destiny. We can all learn to become more resilient, more quick to bounce back…

Episode 27 – Owning your Story

By Caitlyn de Beer | August 20, 2019

We each have a story. One we may be proud or one, perhaps, thats too sore to even go there in our heads. Today on The UnPodcast: Its about YOU, I chat to Christina Masureik. She’s a successful entrepreneur and a mum of 2 based in Cape Town. She has a story that I have…

Episode 26 – How to get dressed through stress

By Caitlyn de Beer | August 8, 2019

An emotional and inspiring chat to Nerine Jones, stylist and image consultant with a beautiful, touching story. We chat through Nerine’s personal trauma (2018) and how her knowledge of style and organisation skills helped her through her ‘worst nightmare’. Conversations around matching your wardrobe to your lifestyle, getting dressed through stress, becoming the CEO of…

Episode 25 – Disconnect to Reconnect (all things social media)

By Caitlyn de Beer | July 31, 2019

Today on the podcast, Becky (from ByBeckyCo & The Well Pod) and I chat all things social media. From the Psychology behind WHY we all feel so drawn to our phones, to how we both got into it, the benefits we see in it and then also the effects, we feel, that it can have…

Episode 24 – Fertility, IVF & Egg Freezing

By Caitlyn de Beer | July 23, 2019

Fertility, IVF, Egg I chat to embryologist, Dylan Ramsay, about the in’s and out’s of his industry. I found this conversation so eye-opening and I have no doubt, it will do the same for you. Whether you’re trying for kids OR have no idea if you ever want kids, this episode will give you…

Episode 23 – Conquering Shame in Parenting with Paul Bushell

By Caitlyn de Beer | July 9, 2019

Paul is a friend, mentor and literally one of my favourite people on earth! He’s a well-known Psychologist, Author and speaker and his book #raisingkids is one my favourite parenting tools.   Today Paul and I chat about shame: “the unpleasant self-conscious emotion typically associated with a negative evaluation of the self, withdrawal motivations, and…

Episode 22 – Fussy Eaters with Meg Faure

By Caitlyn de Beer | July 3, 2019

What a privilege to chat to well-known Meg Faure about a topic that is VERY real in our home. Prior to having kids, I was always under the assumption that you could mould a child how you saw fit…and then came SARAH. Feisty, fiery and in no way prepared to be moulded. She is our…

Episode 21 – Women’s Health chats

By Caitlyn de Beer | June 28, 2019

Women’s health is a hot topic. Let’s be honest how many of us are desperately out of touch with our bodies UNTIL we fall pregnant?!! Oh HI THERE BODY… In the words of Lulu {Women’s Health Physio}.. “It is imperative that you understand the significant musculoskeletal changes that are happening to your body and the…

Episode 20 – A kinder way to manage yourself

By Caitlyn de Beer | June 10, 2019

For my 20th episode, I wanted to share on a topic close to my heart. A topic that has changed my life, and one I feel could change yours too. So today on The UnPodcast: It’s about you, we chat KINDNESS. But nope today we’re not looking out, today we’re looking in. Adopting a kinder…

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Caitlyn is here to guide and inspire YOU to learn, and embrace, what it means to manage one’s self and fall in love with your life!