Welcome to my little solace on the web, I’m thrilled that you’ve found my online space. It is my greatest HOPE that you leave here feeling inspired, motivated & convinced that you were made with absolute intention and knowing that your life holds boundless potential, all waiting for you to just tap into!!

I’m Caitlyn: a life coach, motivational speaker, wellness lover, Jesus-follower, wife & mom of 2.

I’m passionate about helping women, just like you, learn to love themselves, find what makes them tick and then embrace, or create, a life that makes them come alive; even in the harder seasons of life.


I love life, but to be honest with you I haven’t always loved my life (well not all of it!) I know what it’s like when your life looks great from the outside and you feel ‘ok’ or even ‘normal’ yet you’re lost in performing for others approval, confused about what actually makes you happy and loathing the body you live in. I know what it’s like to live as my own biggest critic.

My journey towards living-happy-now, has taken time and so much intention; but I can officially say that I love my life, my body and my career.

• Recognize your potential & have the courage to tap into it
• Plan & pursue a life that makes you come alive
• Experience freedom from mommy guilt
• Learn to heal your relationship with food/body
• Create space for YOU in motherhood, work or home-life

Life is a gift. And you’ve been given your very OWN. One life, unique in every way possible.
No-one can take responsibility for this gift but YOU. It is your master-piece.

Caitlyn de Beer

I have the utmost belief that if you were given the right tools, asked the right questions and had someone to believe in YOU, that you could & will live a life you LOVE.

I live by the saying…
“I’m not here to compete with you, I’m holding thumbs that we both make it!”



Caitlyn is a life coach, motivational speaker, podcast host and psychology lecturer and she is based in Hillcrest (Durban), KZN. With her honours degree in Clinical Psychology & being a sought-after Speaker, Caitlyn speaks at companies, conferences and womens’ events around South Africa.

As a Life Coach, Caitlyn has had the privilege of coaching more than 400 amazing individuals, from over 11 countries worldwide.

When she’s not inspiring individuals to live full & inspirational lives, you can find her on a long run, drinking wine with her husband, playing with her 2 young kids or at her beach house on the coast, where she finds her inspiration!