Hi, I'm Caitlyn
I'm so glad you're here


Your being here right now isn’t a coincidence. You were created with enormous potential, and it's time you KNEW that and found the space to live that out!!

I’m here to back you on your journey to becoming your own friend and begin living a life that is FULL OF MEANING. 


Deeper Still is HERE

The sequel to Walk out on the Water for women is HERE. Get your hands on this beautiful new devotional filled with daily inspirational readings, faith-filled easily digestible words of wisdom & encouraging calls to action.



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Caitlyn is a best-selling author of Christian devotional books for women!



Caitlyn has inspired thousands of people across South Africa. She's available for bookings at conferences, events & churches.

Mums course

Mama, Find your Truth

This self-paced online course has been done by 1000's of mums from around the world. The course material focuses on mums learning to LOVE their life & self again, put boundaries in place, let go of mommy guilt and in-turn step into the truth of who they are. Remarkable. Stable. Capable. Loved.

Balancing life & kids is the hardest thing you've ever done.. I get it

Motherhood is AMAZING, exhausting, fulfilling and by far the greatest responsibility & gift we're given. That's why I'd like to gift you to a taster of my Mum's course 'Mama, Find your Truth'.  Enter your details below for instant access:

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I’m a life coach, author & speaker and more importantly, a mum of 2. My road to becoming my own friend has been a bumpy one (like yours I'm sure) but a beautiful one too. I am privileged to have coached/mentored over 600 women from 13 countries around the world. I love my life, that is founded in Jesus and find JOY in connecting with women worldwide as they embrace their personal journey to fulfilment.

I am here to guide and inspire you in what it means to truly know yourself, manage yourself well, connect with Jesus in a personal way and in turn to be the woman that you were destined to be - fulfilled, content & alive with passion.