Episode 50 – Parenting amidst a pandemic

Whether you’re a mum or dad who’s thriving amidst pandemic or perhaps barely bobbing your head above the ‘water’ to read this write up; today we’re here to inspire you & empower you.

I’m a mum of 2, a working mum, and now housekeeper & ‘teacher’ too. It’s hectic, and I know your reality is too. Today, I chat to Meg Faure on The UnPodcast, about raising babies & toddlers, amidst pandemic.

We discuss:

– Babies: routines, sleep cycles, sharing the load

– Toddlers: potty training, discipline/boundaries, schooling young kids at home

We also dig into Meg’s new app: Parent Sense, which is hits the app world this week and is, in my mind, bound to become the absolute ‘must-have’ in the parenting world.


Links to mentions in this episode:

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