Episode 48 – Sober Curious?!

We chat to Jen Clements. Jen is a sobriety coach with a powerfully beautiful story of reclaiming freedom in her personal life, and then inspiring 100’s of others to do the same!

In Jen’s words: ‘As someone who used to wish the day away until wine-o-clock, and who struggled to stop once I started, I’ve been there. I seemed to have everything in my life neatly under control, EXCEPT for my drinking. I couldn’t reconcile it. And even though there were no outward signs of a drinking problem. I became locked in a special kind of hell trying (and failing!) to moderate.’

Jen shares her story with us as well as how her qualification as a lawyer led her to put her research skills to work and educate herself on all things alcohol, addiction and personal development.

Jen’s website with her coaching and courses, can be found HERE



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