By Caitlyn de Beer


The seas may roar, the storms may roll in, the waves may crash but then there are the moments between sets, when the sea is still, the horizon present and all is well.

How true this is for life too.

Struggles we will face, waves of emotion will wash over us, but as we take it all before Jesus, He will refuel, He will refresh. He promises to quench our deep thirst and reminds us of the abundance of life in and with Him.

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Walk out on the water new launch


In this inspiring daily devotional "Walk out on the Water", Caitlyn de Beer does just that! She lays her heart open and has created an uplifting and honest daily dose of encouragement for women, no matter their season in life. Often through tears of chronic pain, Caitlyn digs deep and delivers monthly themes that both challenge and awaken our faith in a living and ever-present God. Her faith in God and His power to change lives, is evident in every scripture that she has chosen: her commentaries will have you chuckling, smiling and ofttimes nodding in agreement as Caitlyn shares her journey of faith in a believable and inimitably honest way. Explore this 365 day devotional and be inspired!

- Sue Keal

Cait, this book is too beautiful. I can't tell you how much I'm loving the readings everyday. Putting aside 30min to read it, pray and focus on God. It's amazing that you gifted me this because I've been really struggling to connect with God lately and this has made a huge difference. I'm feeling so comforted by your words and my faith has already grown over the past few days. So thank you for putting this together!


Caitlyn's book gives us everyday women the opportunity to draw closer to God and to be filled by His grace. She reminds us that God meets us where we are and gives us the opportunity to walk with Him daily. I have loved every chapter of her book - she shares her struggles, her humour and her ability to relate, while all the time relying on God's grace.

- Nikki Ducasse 

I have found when dipping through this wonderful daily devotional, that Caitlyn shares simple clear messages of hope, faith, comfort and love. I know that for the journey of walking in faith – out on the water, this book will go a long way to encouraging me daily in my walk with God. May it be so for you too.

- Meg Faure

I trust that Caitlyn’s devotional will act as a conduit between you, the power of the scriptures and the Living God; the source of all life.

- Caitlin Barnes

I just want to say that my mom bought 4 of your daily devotional, and gave us each one. We get devotional every 2nd year or so, and I can honestly and truthfully say that this is the first time I've looked forward to reading my devotional  and actually stuck to it everyday, even despite going away. You've taught me so much but your devotional has taught me what it means to have faith.