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Walk out on Water

Caitlyn's devotional book series, Walk out on the water, focuses on rest, connection & adventure.

  1. Walk out on the Water for Women
  2. Walk out on the Water for Kids
  3. Loop uit op die Water via Kinders

Soul Session (Coaching)

Is 2023 feeling too heavy already?!

Perhaps, like many of us, you're tired on a  soul level. This coaching session is a space for you to off-load, gain clarity on what you actually want 2023 to look like & perhaps set some intentions or goals for the year. Use it as you will. My hope is that this personal hour-long zoom chat will leave you more peaceful, more at rest within yourself and ready to face the year ahead.

Michigan Behn


Caitlyn de Beer - Events

Enneagram testing & follow-up sessions empowering you to understand your behaviours and motivations, and move towards a more integrated version of yourself.


Mums' Online Course

I created THIS online program for mums who, like me, need a nudge into redefining their life as mom. This self-paced course is all about YOU learning to LOVE your life & self again, put boundaries in place, let go of mommy guilt and in turn step into the truth of who you are. Remarkable. Stable. Capable. Loved.