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Episode 37 – The year I stop shrinking & learn to fly

By Caitlyn de Beer | January 8, 2020

The UnPodcast is back for a 2nd year. Hello 2020!! Today I, Caitlyn, chat about how I’m approaching the year ahead: how I’m doing less, planning less and worrying less. But also how I’m saying goodbye to shrinking to the standards of the past. A new year. A new start. Let’s do it, friends!  

Episode 36 – Preping for a healthy summer holiday

By Caitlyn de Beer | December 13, 2019

Today we chat to Doc Mom, Carmen, about the pros to being a doctor and a mum, and how she saw this combo and decided to empower mums & dads with the right tools for managing their kids health. We chat about summer holidays, what meds to pack, what to look out for and basically…

Episode 35 – The girl in the mirror

By Caitlyn de Beer | December 6, 2019

Today Becky and I chat about the girl in the mirror. We both share about what we were like in our teenage years, what we wish we could tell THAT girl now. It’s a real conversation between two girls in their late 20’s, early 30’s – it definitely brought on a few silent tears for…

Episode 34 – If the pants don’t fit..

By Caitlyn de Beer | November 25, 2019

Today on The UnPodcast, I share why I’m throwing out my black pants, and the processes I walk through in reviewing a year passed. I also chat through my newest product, Declutter & Re-Align E-Workbook, and give a few tips as to how you can end this year intentionally and begin 2020 with a fresh…

Episode 33 – Understanding your personality (with enneagram expert, Lindsay)

By Caitlyn de Beer | November 5, 2019

The Enneagram is one of the top personality tests the world currently has to offer and today we get inside information on this phenomenal tool, from enneagram expert, Lindsay Cook. We take a look at all 9 enneagram types (you’ll be one of these) and then we dig into my personal type and how understanding…

Episode 32 – The Chat (with Christy Herselman)

By Caitlyn de Beer | October 29, 2019

Today we have THE CHAT with expert, Christy Herselman. In Christy’s words, “some conversations are tough to have, but it is often the most challenging dialogues which bring the greatest freedom and deepest connection.” We chat today about why more than ever before, we NEED to be having conversations around sex, with our children, as…

Episode 31 – All about that side hustle

By Caitlyn de Beer | October 22, 2019

Side hustles often begin as small-passions-pursued but have the potential to turn into successful, thriving businesses. Today on The UnPodcast, we interview guest, Natalie and chat about her side hustle, turned successful business, Mrs Milk. Nats is honest and shares her passion with us on how she saw a need in the mommy world, began…

Episode 30 – Become your own bestie before Summer

By Caitlyn de Beer | October 3, 2019

Contradictory to much of what you’ll see on social media over the next few months, you CAN love yourself without the perfect body. Yip, enter summer with a toned, fit body is lovely but not always possible or even realistic. This year may not have been the time for you to invest in your physical…

Episode 29 – Non-Negotiable’s

By Caitlyn de Beer | September 17, 2019

Today we chat ‘Non-Negotiables’, the personal boundaries that you put in place to protect your happiness, stability and relationships. I share my top 5 non-negotiable’s with you and then walk you through a short, easy process to identify your own non-negotiable’s.    

Episode 28 – Spring back into shape (Resilience uncovered)

By Caitlyn de Beer | August 28, 2019

Resilience: “Rather than letting failure overcome them and drain their resolve, resilient people find a way to rise from the ashes.” Whilst your genes may direct the extent to which resilience comes naturally to you, it doesn’t have to be your destiny. We can all learn to become more resilient, more quick to bounce back…

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Caitlyn is here to guide and inspire YOU to learn, and embrace, what it means to manage one’s self and fall in love with your life!