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Episode 44 – Periods are not gross

By Caitlyn de Beer | March 4, 2020

It’s time we make a stand as women & break this bloody taboo around periods. I grew up in a generation where periods were yuck, inconvenient and embarrassing AND I’m determined to raise my daughter to not buy into this crap. Today we chat to Women Health Physio, Candice Langford (Nurture Your Vagina), around how…

Episode 43 – The jump from 1 to 2 kids

By Caitlyn de Beer | February 25, 2020

When asking for advice on going from 1 – 2 kids, the opinions range from ‘it’s insanity’ to ‘it’s a dream, you’ve done it all before’. Today we chat to well-known South African mommy blogger, Sarah Booyens (from Mascara & Mimosas) about her experience of going from 1 – 2 kids. We chat real motherhood:…

Episode 42 – Life is too short to hate yourself

By Caitlyn de Beer | February 19, 2020

Ever felt the enormous pressure of believing that your body is your CV? That first impressions are everything and this all comes down the shape of your body, the size of your waistline? Today we have the absolute delight of having well-known self-love advocate and international influencer, Victoria Spence, on The UnPodcast. Victoria tells us her…

Episode 41 – Get out of the way & let me PLAY

By Caitlyn de Beer | February 10, 2020

Children are designed to play. They learn, grow & adapt through play and yet many parents in this generation are getting in the way of true play. Today we chat to OT & founder of Playmore, Anande, about the benefits of free play and how a lack of play has proven to increase childhood anxiety.…

Episode 40 – Emotional Healing

By Caitlyn de Beer | February 5, 2020

Today on The UnPodcast, we chat to Kelly Lynch (dietician & life coach). In Kel’s words: “They always say that the darkest days bring the brightest light in the end, and in this case I can honestly say that was true. Just 6 months ago I was lying in ICU post miscarriage unknowingly about to…

Episode 39 – Let’s talk about SEX

By Caitlyn de Beer | February 4, 2020

Today our guest, Taryn Graham (Women’s Health Physio) shares insight into wait for it…SEX. Painful sex to be more exact. Yip, I still giggle too when I say the words. You’d think I was 16 but gracious its taken me a good while to get comfy with terms that were once deemed taboo. Truth is…

Episode 38 – Less is More

By Caitlyn de Beer | January 23, 2020

Less is more – the buzz phrase we’re living by this year. Today I’m discussing how we’re approaching ‘less is more’ in our home for 2020. For me: Doing less, doesn’t mean doing nothing. When you do less, you have more energy, more time, you’re more present in your own life and have more passion…

Episode 37 – The year I stop shrinking & learn to fly

By Caitlyn de Beer | January 8, 2020

The UnPodcast is back for a 2nd year. Hello 2020!! Today I, Caitlyn, chat about how I’m approaching the year ahead: how I’m doing less, planning less and worrying less. But also how I’m saying goodbye to shrinking to the standards of the past. A new year. A new start. Let’s do it, friends!  

Episode 36 – Preping for a healthy summer holiday

By Caitlyn de Beer | December 13, 2019

Today we chat to Doc Mom, Carmen, about the pros to being a doctor and a mum, and how she saw this combo and decided to empower mums & dads with the right tools for managing their kids health. We chat about summer holidays, what meds to pack, what to look out for and basically…

Episode 35 – The girl in the mirror

By Caitlyn de Beer | December 6, 2019

Today Becky and I chat about the girl in the mirror. We both share about what we were like in our teenage years, what we wish we could tell THAT girl now. It’s a real conversation between two girls in their late 20’s, early 30’s – it definitely brought on a few silent tears for…

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