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Episode 50 – Parenting amidst a pandemic

By Caitlyn de Beer | April 28, 2020

Whether you’re a mum or dad who’s thriving amidst pandemic or perhaps barely bobbing your head above the ‘water’ to read this write up; today we’re here to inspire you & empower you. I’m a mum of 2, a working mum, and now housekeeper & ‘teacher’ too. It’s hectic, and I know your reality is…

Episode 49 -Lessons in Isolation

By Caitlyn de Beer | April 15, 2020

Today we chat to UK-based life coach, Fiona Moss about lessons in isolation. We unpack the current realities and trauma of the world as we face the covid-19 crisis. Fiona shares how this crisis feels in the UK and then goes on to discuss her personal lessons during isolation. We then take a look at…

Episode 48 – Sober Curious?!

By Caitlyn de Beer | April 7, 2020

We chat to Jen Clements. Jen is a sobriety coach with a powerfully beautiful story of reclaiming freedom in her personal life, and then inspiring 100’s of others to do the same! In Jen’s words: ‘As someone who used to wish the day away until wine-o-clock, and who struggled to stop once I started, I’ve…

Episode 47 – Isolating with intention & moving from chaos to calm

By Caitlyn de Beer | March 25, 2020

Amidst despair, panic and overwhelm; we chat to well-known blogger at Justamamma about her approach to bringing calm to chaos, and shifting fear in their home to fun. Mari-Louise’s family are approaching isolation with intention, and this episode is packed with tips for mums and dads (and those without kids too) to keep sane, safe…

Episode 46 – #wellconnected: Parenting young digital users

By Caitlyn de Beer | March 18, 2020

Today I chat to Christy Herselman, the author of #wellconnected: How to  be safe, wise & kind online. Christy is an expert on young digital users & how we as parents can empower our kids to explore the online space for the first time. Christy shares her expertise on screen time, social platforms and especially advise for…

Episode 45 – Resilience: How to bounce back when life doesn’t make sense

By Caitlyn de Beer | March 11, 2020

Life doesn’t always go as planned, in fact it can go quite the opposite. Resilience is, simply put, our ability to bounce back when life throws us hardship. Today, on her birthday, Caitlyn gets real & raw about her recent hospital experience with her son. She also shares 4 helpful habits that we can all…

Episode 44 – Periods are not gross

By Caitlyn de Beer | March 4, 2020

It’s time we make a stand as women & break this bloody taboo around periods. I grew up in a generation where periods were yuck, inconvenient and embarrassing AND I’m determined to raise my daughter to not buy into this crap. Today we chat to Women Health Physio, Candice Langford (Nurture Your Vagina), around how…

Episode 43 – The jump from 1 to 2 kids

By Caitlyn de Beer | February 25, 2020

When asking for advice on going from 1 – 2 kids, the opinions range from ‘it’s insanity’ to ‘it’s a dream, you’ve done it all before’. Today we chat to well-known South African mommy blogger, Sarah Booyens (from Mascara & Mimosas) about her experience of going from 1 – 2 kids. We chat real motherhood:…

Episode 42 – Life is too short to hate yourself

By Caitlyn de Beer | February 19, 2020

Ever felt the enormous pressure of believing that your body is your CV? That first impressions are everything and this all comes down the shape of your body, the size of your waistline? Today we have the absolute delight of having well-known self-love advocate and international influencer, Victoria Spence, on The UnPodcast. Victoria tells us her…

Episode 41 – Get out of the way & let me PLAY

By Caitlyn de Beer | February 10, 2020

Children are designed to play. They learn, grow & adapt through play and yet many parents in this generation are getting in the way of true play. Today we chat to OT & founder of Playmore, Anande, about the benefits of free play and how a lack of play has proven to increase childhood anxiety.…

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Caitlyn is a self-management coach, author & speaker with a powerful story about self acceptance, escaping limiting-beliefs, pursuing faith despite hardship and embracing a life that she loves. After finishing her studies, Caitlyn lectured in Psychology for 6 years, has spoken around South Africa to audiences on how they can create lives that they love, wrote her first book (a 365 daily devotional) in 2020 and has coached/mentored over 600 women from 13 countries around the world.

Caitlyn is here to guide and inspire YOU to embrace the life that Jesus has for you.