Balancing life & kids is the hardest thing you've ever done.. I get it

Motherhood is AMAZING, exhausting, fulfilling and by far the greatest responsibility & gift we're given. In saying this, there's no denying that many a mum sacrifices her own sanity whilst on this selfless journey of motherhood.


"You're okay. I'm okay." The mantra I lived by, the truth my heart whispered when I woke for the umpteenth time at night or picked up the food they'd just thrown on the floor. And yet.... I wasn't okay!!

I realised this one day when I got home from lecturing & couldn’t bring myself to get out of my car and MOM. I spent a good hour sobbing but this sparked the finding of a beautiful path for me; one of self discovery in my role as both mum and woman.

I’ve since realised that..

Mums who manage themselves well, are more likely to manage their kids well


And I'd be honoured to walk this road alongside you as you Find YOUR truth, Mama!

I created this self-paced online program for mums who, like me, need a nudge into redefining their life as mom. This course is all about YOU learning to LOVE your life & self again, put boundaries in place, let go of mommy guilt and in turn step into the truth of who you are. Remarkable. Stable. Capable. 

What you’ll walk away with:

  • A better understanding of yourself & less need to compare to other mums
  • Tools for managing your emotions constructively so that 4pm feels less HEAVY
  • A plan as to how include more me time into your mummy life
  • A list of things that make you come alive
  • A plan for how to make balance a reality in your life
  • Less guilt & failed expectations AND more life, living your truth
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I’m a wife to Hendrik & mom of two (Noah is 6 and a half and Sarah is 8) who’s passionate about inspiring others to create a life that they love waking up to every morning!

I had my daughter in 2016 and my son in 2017 so I know the 'hardness' of mommying little ones and still prioritising your own happiness levels.

My journey towards living-happy-now, has taken time, loads of prayer and so much intention; but I can officially say that I love my life as a mum and that I've learnt to manage my emotions and schedule, to serve both me and my kids, and I’m determined to help you do the same.


This course showed me just how little time I allocate to myself in my day. Since having kids, and while running my own growing business, I have definitely neglected my own needs and self-care. This course has not only highlighted this fact to me - Kit has given me the tools to make little changes that will have a huge impact on my well-being and in turn, my family's well-being. I found Kit to be so insightful during the course and totally relatable as a working mom herself! I highly recommend this course to any moms searching for a way to fill their tank and live their best life.

- Marisa Baglione 

I grew up in a home where showing emotions or feelings were not okay. Everything was swept under the rug and forgotten about. But through doing Caitlyn’s course - The Guilt Free Mum - I realized that my feelings are valid. That by feeling irritated, frustrated, guilt or anger does not make me a bad person. It actually makes me very normal. It’s what you choose to do with those feelings and emotions that matter. Caitlyn has helped me form ‘fire escapes’ (ways to manage my emotions) to deal with them in a constructive way, rather than a destructive way. 

Highly, highly recommend working with her!

- Mel

What I am taking from this course is that self-awareness and kindness-to-self are vital for a mom. I loved learning how to recognize emotions and allow myself to process them. I found it so valuable to take the time regularly to reflect about my honest thoughts and feelings. It was so impactful to define what type of mom I am and to identify what makes me be a better mom. Caitlyn, thank you for not only  teaching us, but also modeling to us what it looks like to accept and love ourselves, the way we were created. This course taught me that loving ourselves well means loving our kids well too.


I cannot thank you enough for what you and your expertise, your absolute natural ability to connect has unlocked in me. Thank you for getting me to believe in myself and my capabilities as a mama. Thank you for creating and sharing the tools to strengthen what I already had with in myself.
I will always be grateful and forever encouraging my friends to join you on their own journey. I believe in you and what you have to offer.
- Anchen Wobbe

I didn't think this course could help someone like me. I was struggling to find myself as the calendar months flipped over. With a now almost 2 year old on my hands - this course in fact, couldn't have come at a better time!

"We define motherhood against a standard that was never meant for you or me ". Each week of the course revealed new findings of the emotions that I was feeling and had unknowingly been weighing down on my shoulders for MONTHS, ever so on repeat! This incredibly practical and do-able 5 week course hi-lighted to me just how I had in fact lost myself along the way of being a mom - self neglect and time to breathe as me and how it effected those around me.

I am now fully aware of my emotions and am equipped with invaluable coping tools and methods to better my daily routine. I feel more intentional in the way that I parent our child and my relationship with the person that I do life with - my husband.

I undoubtedly recommend this course to any mom who is wanting to be "a happy mom is one who is able to bring her life pre and post kids together".

- Leigh Liebenberg 

I have so enjoyed the Mums Living their Best Lives course and the mindful and deliberate exercises you designed. It gave me time to think about what was important to me and how that could enrich my family! I also enjoyed your chats with wine and wisdom. You gave us an honest and vulnerable look into your own life and how the best we seek is ever changing in the journey. Thank you!

- Kudzai Nyatsambo Mqingwana

I have been part of Caitlyn's 5 week course, 'Mum's living their best lives.' This online course has equipped me with the tools of understanding my emotions and putting into place constructive alternatives to manage a situation. I have become so conscious of what make ME happy and in turn allows me to be the best mum for my darling daughter. I have put into place routines that ensure I start the day well and if I'm feeling out of sorts I am now capable of picking this up immediately and doing something about it before my whole day becomes a mess. Thank you Caitlyn for inspiring me to live my best life and being so supportive along this journey.

- Kate Dixon


I have absolutely loved every part of this course. It has changed how I manage my time, how I interact with my hubby and child, and how I view/treat myself. Caitlyn is a fabulous coach - she is a momma and just "gets it". Her material is so interesting, honest and relevant... I have learned tools and tricks that I can use for a lifetime! I am so grateful I took the plunge and did this course - to say it has been life-changing would be an understatement. It's been the best thing I have ever done for myself!

- Shan Hawker


Our 'Online Resource Hub' is broken into weekly themes & this is where you work from:

    • Weekly reading material based on the theme
    • 3 masterclass videos
    • Weekly homework (Emailed to me for checking and personal feedback)
    • 4-week-long eBook (for daily prompted journalling)


This course came at the right time in my life. I have a 5 year old and a 4 month old - so life is very busy. I was apprehensive about this course as I didn’t believe that it would be relevant to my unique world. Boy was I wrong! Caitlyn has designed this course around the universal issues mums face and want to overcome. The greatest benefit for me is being able to use the tools provided by Caitlyn to be a better and happier version of myself; thus being a better wife and mum. As a result of the course, I am more intentional in the way that I parent and in my relationships. Caitlyn is professional, connects easily and naturally with mums as she’s a mum herself and is just a really pleasant person to have hold your hand through the process. She’s the real deal. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity.

- Phumi Matinyarare

I just want to say that this course has opened my eyes to a whole new perspective of being a mom. I was so caught up in the mundane like of getting up, going to work, coming home to irritable kids, cooking, going to bed etc that I have been missing out on the joy of actually living and experiencing all the fun and adventures of being a mom. I have a whole new outlook on being a mom!! Your quote on “you can’t pour from an empty cup” has hit home so many times! I was running on empty and my kids drained every inch of life out of me and I was totally pouring from a very empty cup! This course has really taught me how to acknowledge my emotions and how to find fire escapes for those emotions so that I didn’t let them affect my whole day and headspace. I love the fire escapes and I have used them on a daily basis! I also loved the what makes me come alive activity and have used that when I am feeling down. You are such an inspiration to me and I am so glad I joined this course as I have learned so much and taken so many valuable skills from it! I know that I need to feel better in my own skin to be 100% happy so together with all the tools and skills I have learnt I am embracing a weight loss journey and a more healthy lifestyle so that I can be the best mom that I can for my 2 boys. Thank you so much for sharing all your amazing knowledge and I could listen to you for hours on end.
- Nats Harrison
This course has been such an investment and an incredible journey for me. Caitlyn is truly an expert in her field and also such a wonderful supporter/mentor/ encourager, turned friend. She has given me so many valuable tools which are allowing me to totally enjoy this adventure of motherhood and realize I can totally live my BEST life. I no longer have to feel guilty, I no longer have to feel anxious.. I can now fully enjoy being the kind of mom I was made to be. I no longer need to feel judged, I no longer need to feel the pressures of social media and I no longer need to feel exhausted trying to keep up. I’ve learnt to discover who I am as a person and what makes me happy and thrive! And as a result my children (and husband) are benefitting hugely. No words can express how grateful I am!
- Peta van Wyk
I have absolutely loved doing the course with Caitlyn, she has been like a breath of fresh air. All her coaching/tips/tricks are very practical and easy to implement, and I’ve found that I’ve noticed wonderful changes with her suggestions. I feel more relaxed and in a very positive headspace. In this short time I’ve realised that making time for myself has definitely made me a better wife and mom. I have really enjoyed this course and find myself living more intentionally every day.
- Shan Sewell
What a privilege it has been to be part of this course, I feel like it’s the kind of thing I can keep applying over and over, stuff I can now apply everyday that is helping change my thought patterns, from constantly bombarding myself with negative thoughts or spiraling into a low day because of one bad moment, now I can instantly recognize the emotions and moments and deal with them then and there. No longer do I feel like my emotions are ruling me as much, it’s definitely a work in progress but just taking the first steps interms of recognizing the emotions for what they are was huge for me.  I love that this course has set me on a journey of self love, and self discovery. Wanting to figure out what my best life looks like now and having the tools to do it, ways to practically, with easy simple steps actually apply it. Thank you Kit for giving me this gift!
- Vix Honsbein
Kit's course is manageable, to the point, fun, real, refreshing, and I actually really looked forward to our meetings. Kit is so approachable and easy to open up to that she feels like a friend after one or two online sessions. What I learnt from her and from the other moms in the course is honestly irreplaceable. I think about various 'fire escapes' constantly throughout the day even months after finishing the course.
Kit, THANK YOU. I have a sense of 'I've got this' even when I don't 'have it all together'. I have the tools to make changes and to prioritise myself and that is honestly most of the battle won.
- Lou Wormald

I truly am blown away by the way I have enjoyed this course. I cannot put into words how lost I was in this season and the anger/ frustration I was going through nearly every minute of the day! Through doing the course I have been able to notice the emotion, name it and work with it instead of it taking over ruining the whole day! Thank you for everything!

- Danette

In the Guilt free mommy course with Caitlyn, one of our Master Class asked the question of what makes a good mom vs what makes a great mom. Immediatley I placed myself in neither of those categories as my definitions and expectations were all defined by what media was telling me, what I saw in my mommy friends and how I could never quiet be all they are. Examples such as a good mom bottle feeds while a great mom exclusibely breastfeeds, a good mom works maybe half day to spend afternoons with her kids while a great mom makes career changes to stay at home. A turning point for me in this course was to get down to ME. Defining MY role as a mom, and asking myself what makes ME great at being a mom. I started writing affirmations for myself. Examples like I am a Great mom because..... I know the difference between a hungry cry and a I need attention cry. or things like Because I LOVE going for walks with my son Because I love having a job and working in education so I can model good work ethic and balance in my children. Because I trust my husband enough to handle our son for 2 hours in the mornign giving me time to do what I want. 
The affirmations started slow but now i have an entire page (about 40) things that are UNIQUE to ME that make ME the GREATEST mom my boy will ever have. 
If it wasnt for this course I would never have gotten to creating a Sas Mom vision and it being uniquely suited to my strengths and my way of mommying. It might not be conventional, or normal or even right but its mine and i am freely living in that space now for the past 2 weeks and it has completely changed and taken the pressure off me. 
Everytime I do something that makes me come alive as well I add it to the affirmations of a Great mom because when I am alive and well I am at my best. 


  1. Who is this course for? Every mum who is exhausted, has experienced mummy guilt or a mum who could do with a bit more balance in their life but doesn't know where to begin.
  2. I'm shattered already, will all the homework not just add to my exhaustion? NO, NO and more NO. This will do just the opposite, it will empower you with tools to prioritise YOU and lead to a less-tired, more inspired mama and woman! Plus the course will only require max 1 hour per week & can be done in small bits.
  3. I live abroad, can I still do the course? YES, all material is online and thus the course is available to anyone and everyone, worldwide!
  4. How do I access the Master Classes, is there a limit on time as to when I need to watch them? Nope, the material is all available on our online hub and you can thus download everything and watch/read whenever you find a moment, or perhaps on repeat in years to come, too.
  5. Do you offer any payment plans? Unfortunately not.