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Episode 57 – Healing after pregnancy/birth/postpartum trauma

By Caitlyn de Beer | August 11, 2020

Today we chat to Sharmon, a mum, a registered councillor and the founder of Mum Well. During her own journey into motherhood, Sharmon came to realise how important maternal support would be, and just how difficult it was to find. Today on The UnPodcast, she shares her experience of a traumatic pregnancy and how she,…

Episode 56 – Why I Married a man who doesn’t think I’m beautiful

By Caitlyn de Beer | August 5, 2020

There is a question at the heart of every woman, a question that often rules our lives: Am I beautiful? Am I worth fighting for? Today I share my thoughts on why most of us woman are secretly (or not so secretly) in love with Jamie from Outlander. (You can giggle). I also dig into…

Episode 55 – Learning to breath again

By Caitlyn de Beer | June 30, 2020

Today we chat to Women Health Physio and my go-to for all things pelvic health, Chantelle Wills. About 3 weeks ago when lockdown began to lift, I found myself rushing to the shops and when trying to breath into my tummy – it was literally as if my breathe was stuck in my chest: I…

Episode 54 – A purpose-filled life without any goals in sight

By Caitlyn de Beer | June 24, 2020

What a time to be alive!! Whilst we’ve all learnt so much about ourselves during lockdown, there’s no denying that we’ve given up lots too. For some this has been jobs, for others dream and others hope. Two weeks ago, I (Caitlyn) ran a webinar titled ‘A purpose-filled life without any goals in sight’ and the feedback was I’ve…

Episode 53 – Preparing our Children for the Reopening of Schools

By Caitlyn de Beer | June 2, 2020

Today we chat to Educational Psychologist, Naomi Holdt, on how we as parents can prepare ourselves, and our kids, for the reopening of schools. Naomi shared on this topic on eNCA this past week and after this interview I alone felt inspired and empowered to get this new somewhat uncertain season, right. We chat through…

Episode 52 – Navigating Gut Health & Stress

By Caitlyn de Beer | May 26, 2020

Today I had the privilege of interviewing a fellow life coach, Sarah Braithwaite, on the topic of gut health and stress. Sarah knows a lot about gut health, but what I enjoyed most about this conversation was that she is not only well-rehearsed in the topic but has experienced everything first hand. After being diagnosed…

Episode 51 – Burnout & Boundaries

By Caitlyn de Beer | May 7, 2020

As I re-listened to this episode this morning, I was struck by Natalie (Educational Psychologist)’s gentle way of guiding us away from burnout & towards a life with healthy boundaries in place! We are all juggling many balls at the moment, some of which will bounce back-up once dropped, others that would simply shatter. In…

Episode 50 – Parenting amidst a pandemic

By Caitlyn de Beer | April 28, 2020

Whether you’re a mum or dad who’s thriving amidst pandemic or perhaps barely bobbing your head above the ‘water’ to read this write up; today we’re here to inspire you & empower you. I’m a mum of 2, a working mum, and now housekeeper & ‘teacher’ too. It’s hectic, and I know your reality is…

Episode 49 -Lessons in Isolation

By Caitlyn de Beer | April 15, 2020

Today we chat to UK-based life coach, Fiona Moss about lessons in isolation. We unpack the current realities and trauma of the world as we face the covid-19 crisis. Fiona shares how this crisis feels in the UK and then goes on to discuss her personal lessons during isolation. We then take a look at…

Episode 48 – Sober Curious?!

By Caitlyn de Beer | April 7, 2020

We chat to Jen Clements. Jen is a sobriety coach with a powerfully beautiful story of reclaiming freedom in her personal life, and then inspiring 100’s of others to do the same! In Jen’s words: ‘As someone who used to wish the day away until wine-o-clock, and who struggled to stop once I started, I’ve…

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