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S3: Episode 11 – When it is time, navigate grief with Jesus

By Caitlyn de Beer | February 13, 2024

Tes is a wife, pastor and a mom of 4 and truly one of the women that I, Caitlyn, most look up to. She recently lost her beloved dad unexpectedly…

S3: Episode 10 – Its time to find stars in the desert

By Caitlyn de Beer | September 11, 2023

Cary Edwards, her mum and daughter recently released their book, Stars in the Desert, and today we get to chat all things book related. Join us to hear Cary’s story…

S3: Episode 9 – Its time to stop numbing

By Caitlyn de Beer | July 5, 2023

Perhaps like me, as your emotional discomfort has  increased over the last few years, your coping mechanisms may not have. If you look back – I have no doubt that…

S3: Episode 8 – Its time to START!

By Caitlyn de Beer | June 21, 2023

In the world we live in today, it’s not a common practice to have heroes and yet right here, today on Girl, it’s Time, I got to interview one of…

S3: Episode 7 – Its time to lean into God’s call on your life!

By Caitlyn de Beer | June 8, 2023

If ever there were a woman who has gone against the grain, here she is. Nehneh Shange lives and works in Kwadabeka area in the Valley of 1000 Hills. Although…

S3: Episode 6 – It’s time to get vulnerable!

By Caitlyn de Beer | May 28, 2023

Today on Girl, it’s Time, Caitlyn chats to Fran Steart. Fran is a local KZN dietician, wife and mom. Frans heart wrenching story touched Caitlyn so deeply at a recent…

S3: Episode 5 – It’s time to start really living!

By Caitlyn de Beer | May 9, 2023

There are moments that each of us know will stick with us for a long long time. Meeting Jodi Kroone was one of those for me. Jodie is a beautiful…

S3: Episode 4 – It’s time to see with new eyes

By Caitlyn de Beer | May 8, 2023

Caitlyn preaches regularly and for this episode, she decided to share one of her latest preaches with you. So bare with her, as live one was obviously live. Caitlyn speaks…

S3: Episode 3 – It’s time to trust God

By Caitlyn de Beer | April 24, 2023

This Interview with Natasja Foster will leave you inspired to your core. Tash’s story begins with her sharing of her venturing into Africa and living with a poor Malawian family,…

S3: Episode 2 – Its time to zone in on what makes you come alive!

By Caitlyn de Beer | April 19, 2023

Doctor Rosanne Symons is a mom of 5 teenagers and a medical doctor based in Durban, South Africa. I had the honour of hearing her story at a recent conference…



Caitlyn is a wife to Hendrik and a mum of 2 to Sarah (age 7) and Noah (age 6).

She is a self-management coach, author & speaker with a powerful story about self acceptance, escaping limiting-beliefs, pursuing faith despite hardship and embracing a life that she loves. After finishing her studies, Caitlyn lectured in Psychology for 6 years, has spoken around South Africa to audiences on how they can create lives that they love and has coached/mentored over 600 women from 13 countries around the world. Caitlyn is also the author of the South African best-selling book, Walk out on the Water: for women.

Caitlyn is here to guide and inspire YOU to embrace the life that Jesus has for you.