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S2: Episode 7 – Keep Calm & Finish Strong

By Caitlyn de Beer | December 8, 2021

The end of the year is upon us and many of us are but lepherd crawling to the finish line. It is no secret that we are tired, burnt out and anxious BUT is that the way we HAVE to finish our year, or is there another way? Today Caitlyn shares her heart on how…

S2: Episode 6 – Pray and then Walk out on the Water

By Caitlyn de Beer | June 28, 2021

To Walk out on the Water takes faith but many of us may be jumping too quickly to do those BIG things that we feel called to. When we look at the life of Jesus, we see that He priorities intimate times with the Lord far above what He places on the life He lives…

S2: Episode 5 – Keep Hope Alive

By Caitlyn de Beer | June 8, 2021

Faith doesn’t exclude us from suffering. Rather, it, along with time spent with our Father, equips us to face the storms that lie ahead of us. Hope on the other hand is so difficult to cling to when our circumstances don’t speak to an end result that we long for. In today’s episode, Caitlyn chats…

S2: Episode 4 – Start somewhere

By Caitlyn de Beer | May 26, 2021

Procrastination, the art of putting things off until a later date or even shelving ideas and dreams. I personally feel that the timing for this interview with pastor and speaker, Ang Keyter, couldn’t be better. Many of us find ourselves exiting a world that was locked down and yet still we can’t find it in…

S2: Episode 3 – Connecting with those who’ve been forgotten

By Caitlyn de Beer | May 11, 2021

Each of us has dreams and desires but even with full knowledge of these, it takes deep bravery to pursue these. Today I chat to Jodi, founder of Connected, an outreach program connecting people of society that have been forgotten, to a life of faith, love and fullness. I love her honesty and boldness and…

S2: Episode 2 – Where is my shield?

By Caitlyn de Beer | April 27, 2021

We all have bad days, days when we doubt ourselves, our purpose and our worth. After reading a blog post by Laiela describing such a day, after which making the statement, ‘I reminded myself that I have a shield that protects me from such darts… did I leave it behind somewhere?’, I knew I had…

S2: Episode 1 – Vague goals & why that’s okay!

By Caitlyn de Beer | April 20, 2021

Life can often feel like one long train ride. Over the mountain tops and through the valleys we go, sometimes off course and then back again but in the end in each season of life we live and we learn and we come out better. Mordecai urges Esther in Esther 4: 13 – 14 “……

Episode 63: Grace through burnout

By Caitlyn de Beer | February 18, 2021

Today we chat to Tarryn Graham, a successful physio, mum of 2, wife and woman of God. Taryn wrote earlier this year “I’m an over-achiever, capable, busy, many balls in the air type of person. But this year I learnt that THAT is not sustainable.” Today we chat to Tarryn about burn out. What it…

Episode 62: Stronger YESES and easier NO’S

By Caitlyn de Beer | January 13, 2021

Boundary setting is hard. Fullstop. Whether you a people pleaser, work-o-holic or socialite – we all faced with the need to set boundaries, all the time. This holiday found me wrestling with the topic of boundaries and how I could personally be more convicted in my YESES and thus find it easier to say NO.…

Episode 61: Raising resilient kids

By Caitlyn de Beer | November 7, 2020

Are we raising resilient kids or are we their resilience? This question hit me like a ton of bricks as I had a conversation with my daughter today around tough emotions. It’s so much easier as parents, and well anyone really, to numb our emotions, to criticise emotional outbursts or to control in an attempt…

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Caitlyn is a self-management coach, author & speaker with a powerful story about self acceptance, escaping limiting-beliefs, pursuing faith despite hardship and embracing a life that she loves. After finishing her studies, Caitlyn lectured in Psychology for 6 years, has spoken around South Africa to audiences on how they can create lives that they love, wrote her first book (a 365 daily devotional) in 2020 and has coached/mentored over 600 women from 13 countries around the world.

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