Episode 53 – Preparing our Children for the Reopening of Schools

Today we chat to Educational Psychologist, Naomi Holdt, on how we as parents can prepare ourselves, and our kids, for the reopening of schools. Naomi shared on this topic on eNCA this past week and after this interview I alone felt inspired and empowered to get this new somewhat uncertain season, right. We chat through both the physical and emotional ways in which we as parents can support our kids as we approach the reopening of schools. We also look into separation anxiety and I even get a bit tearful as I share my own experience of lockdown and fears on the return to school.

Naomi is a mum before she’s a Psychologist, and her wisdom is shared with gentleness and yet authority. Mums and Dads, you’re going to love this episode! In Naomi’s words “Be calm, be honest and and believe that we will all make it through the dark tunnel ahead…”



You can find Naomi’s website here and her facebook page here.

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