Become your own bestie before summer

For as long as I can remember, October was always my worst month of the year…mostly because everywhere you look, media is telling you to GET READY FOR SUMMER. I LOVE summer and I also LOVE being good at things…so ‘they’ used to get me every year, when they boycotted my screens with messages suggesting that success in December only looks like 1 thing: a hot summer bod!!!

But there is another way..

BECOME YOUR OWN BESTIE (escape trying to fit in)

Whilst I, personally, do feel my best when I’m super fit & healthy, that’s not my only best. I’m also at my best when I’m investing time and energy into raising self-assured kids. Too when I’m working hard to build a company. And too when I’m spending time in God’s presence and that flows into me spending hours in local communities, mentoring and loving. 

You see whilst a fit, healthy body feels good. Our lives, their impact and our vision cannot be limited to the shape of our bodies as we head into summer. 

ALL of this thinking, inspired me to create a once-off online course ‘Become your own bestie before Summer‘. I’ve created this course at a significantly discounted rate as so many women contact me saying that they wish they could afford my courses. PLUS this course isn’t just for mums – it’s for EVERYBODY. It’s for YOU! It’s once-off (1 month long), online (but mostly in your own time) and it’s geared to inspire you with tools to LOVE your whole self and celebrate who you were created to be, regardless of the season.

PS: YOU deserve this. 4 weeks of defining life on YOUR terms. Permission to be YOU and rock YOU this summer!!

Become your own bestie before summer‘ is currently on special for R450, instead of R1200. I’d be so so honoured to work with you!!


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