Learning to fly…



Well just over two weeks ago I made the BIG announcement (followed by some rather large first steps) that I was going to pursue a little dream of mine…

And it looked/s a little something like this….

“Why wait ’til Monday” Video blogging to INSPIRE


As with many things in life, we go through all the buts, I can’ts and um’s while we anticipate what it will take to pursue a BIG dream…but truth be told, sometimes by merely announcing that the time has arrived can not only force you into action, but actually awaken you to the reality that if you get to work, this ‘thing’ could transform from a hurdle to a bundle of joy!!!

And that’s exactly what’s happened for me!!! For so long, I justified why it wasn’t worth starting yet. My reasons varied but all held a certain degree of weight in the bigger picture……except that they didn’t at all. I was merely putting it off. Yes there’s the editing thing and the ‘I don’t have a good camera’ thing. But when it comes down to it, all those ‘superficial’ issues could be summed up in one simple word – Fear!! What will they think? Will I get any views? What if I miss a week? What if I have a bad hair day, or skin day, or any other day? What if….. But as you know, what if’s get us NO WHERE. FAST!!!


So how does this apply to you??

Go ahead & answer the following questions as truthfully as possible…. {and then take the plunge with me, and dare to fly}


1. What one thing have you been putting off for months, if not years?

2. What one limiting thought is preventing you from taking the plunge?

3. What would your ideal outcome look like?

4. Give the above a timeline…. {i.e: Dates}

5. What is the first step you need to take in moving you out of your comfort zone and into your ‘engaging zone’


To end with one my favourite all time quotes…

“What if I fall?” ‘OH Darling…but what if you fly?’




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