Know what makes you come alive

Through my journey as a Life Coach I cannot tell you how many people I have come across who simply say “I don’t know what I want to do with my life…”
Fortunately I have been there. I GET IT! I believe the start to this wonderful discovery begins with the idea of “Who am I / What makes me unique?”.
This discovery is nothing less than INCREDIBLE! We were all made so differently, and so INTENTIONALLY. After discovering who you are as a unique being, it ALL begins to make sense! Who you are defines what you do everyday, what your dream job would/could be. It defines your dreams, your vision..
My journey & many of my clients journeys’ have begun with asking this simple question…


This question could CHANGE your life!
If you want to take this seriously then I encourage you to write this question in the middle of a piece of paper (if you are creative- make a brainstorming poster).
Every day, be intentional with adding to this brainstorming page. Start small…anything that comes to mind (Running in the mountains, eating croissants, solving problems, entertaining people, working with numbers, encouraging others, surfing..). In time, this poster/page will develop into a beautiful thing you could call “me”.
It is the starting point of working out who you were created to be and what makes you different from others. You have not been called to SETTLE in life…YOU have been called for GREATNESS!!!!
You are welcome to book a coaching session with me to take this question one step further…putting all this into a plan…into ACTION!

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