5 habits of a self-assured woman

Think of a woman who you consider to be self-assured. What is it that marks her life: success, inner-beauty, confidence? There are certain habits that mark the lives of self-assured women, and I thought we could touch on these today.

1. She knows what makes her come alive

Self-assured women make time to get to know themselves. This is usually with the belief that the better one knows themself, the more guided they are to making decisions inline with their values, needs and wants.


2. She makes time to fit in the things that fulfil her

Self-assured women don’t just know who they are and what they love about life; they make time to actually LIVE THIS OUT. This may mean turning off the TV in the evening and prioritizing a hot bath or a good read instead, or perhaps using their lunch hour to connect with a friend who lifts their spirit rather than browsing the web/Facebook.


3. She has quit comparison

The more one knows themself, the more likely they are to embrace what they need and want; and in turn to create a life that they love waking up to. Self-assured women live their lives with intention, and thus their path becomes their own rather than comparing themselves to others or working towards goals that don’t fulfill them.


4. She knows how and when to say NO

Self-assured women know their value and that their time is precious. Saying no doesn’t come easily to many women, but those who know what they want for their lives, tend to find it easier to turn down invites, questions or demands that rob from this.


5. She makes time for herself

Self-assured women admit to themselves that THEY matter. They realize that ‘You cannot pour from an empty cup’ and they make time to prioritise their own wellbeing, be it health, beauty or wellness.


If this message resonates with you but the idea of self-assurance is so far removed from your reality that you know this is a road you need someone to walk with you, then CONTACT ME here and let’s connect as this is the very work I do everyday. I’d be honoured to help and inspire you to learn to love and respect your body, to make healthy food choices, have a good relationship with yourself & ultimately being able to love the powerful, beautiful woman who stares back at you from the mirror.


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