Vision is only as powerful as you allow it to be

The word vision often scares people off as it seems to hold a lot of promise and pressure, but I’m hoping that this blog post will bring some new insights for you around this concept.

If you’ve ever started, created or worked towards something of your own, {This could be anything from painting a picture, to training for a race, or even starting your own company} then you have practiced putting vision into action. You see, little happens without vision. Vision is the picture we see in our minds, before we take action. It’s the thinking time we give to ideas – the daydreaming.

Although vision is something I believe to be an accessory that no entrepreneur can do without, it has unfortunately also proven to be the downfall of many entrepreneurs, on either end of what I call, the vision-scale.

Two visionary extremes to watch out for…

#1 – A lack of vision, which causes you to then, take action too soon

A lack of vision limits us, it boxes us in. There are numerous reasons for lack of vision, but I’d say the greatest is fear of failure. We choose to avoid dreaming, in fear that we may not succeed, and in turn, we lose out on creating vision. However, this means that when a new idea does trigger that little light bulb inside us – we jump into action immediately, without thinking through all the pro’s, cons and in-betweens.

My little tip: Slow down & give yourself permission to dream. Visualize where you want to be and what it will look like. This picture in your mind will guide your behaviour in the direction of your dreams!


#2 – Our vision remains wrapped in our heads, expanding but not impacting

In my mind there is no such thing as too much vision, but where entrepreneurs sometimes get lost…is in their heads. I hear of so many entrepreneurs who delight in sharing on how many new business ideas they have everyday (which is AMAZING, don’t get me wrong), however at some point, action has to take place.

My little tip: Write your ideas down rather than merely allowing them to drift in & out of your busy mind. By writing things down, we are able to assess them more clearly & this may be the tipping point into putting some actions in place, towards your IDEAL!!


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