Valuing your inner voice


I love my body more now than I ever have before. And I’m miles from my skinniest, fittest, most clear-skinned self. What I’ve learnt is that abs never made me love myself more. Nor did a clear skin. At times, they did quite the opposite. They brought with them feelings of self-criticism, comparison and selfishness. {I’m all for abs & perfect skin but not when that is where our identity lies}

It is a beautiful thing to not use food, exercise or any other form of escape. Feelings are there to be felt, not run from – towards the treat cupboard. I am a firm believer that this is definitely the first step towards breaking your bad relationship with food (But I talk about this here)

So if you stop using food to fulfill an emotion, does that mean you will suddenly stop reaching for the biscuit tin? I wish 😉 No, for me, this came later. And this was created through me choosing to listen to this body of mine.

To want to listen to your body means to value your inner voice.

And the way I learnt to do this was by asking myself a simple question, everyday, numerous times a day.

 What does healthy, whole & gorgeous Caitlyn want?

I have learnt (am still learning) the art of listening to this temple I live in. My body. And this question has genuinely revolutionized the way I treat my body & respond to possible self-hate triggers, like the desire to eat everything in site.

Rather than responding to a long day by rewarding myself with a chocolate, I am learning to speak kindly to myself (in my head) and to ask myself what I really want. When I treat myself (and body) as healthy, whole and gorgeous, I suddenly start the value in nuts over smarties, or healthy carbs over salads. I start to make choices my body will thank me for.

A client said the following to me, after hearing of my theory above…

Healthy, whole & gorgeous me really just wants chocolate.

I laugh now, even writing that. Because darling, your body would probably choose nuts over chocolate any day. Nuts fuel where chocolate robs. Just like healthy GI carbs help our brains & bodies work, compared to rabbit-picking on leafy salads which leave us exhausted, irritable and reaching for the biscuit jar as soon as we get home after work.

Your body might have been tricked for a long time, into believing that certain foods make it happy, but that’s your mind, beautiful. Not your body!

Chocolate is one of my favourite foods. But I am learning to choose it, not as reward, but rather for mere enjoyment every so often. I don’t EVER cut things out but am rather learning to listen to this temple I live in. If it is tired, it needs energy and sustainable energy often comes in the form of low GI. If it is too skinny, I am thus shaky, then upping my healthy fats…and if my body is bloated, or overweight, then flushing it with water, green juices and putting the wine bottle in the cupboard for a few days, is just what my body would ask for.

It’s not about ruling things out. Ever. It’s just about learning to listen. To be mindful of what your body is saying and needing. And responding to it, in a kind, honouring way…

The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in. ~B.K.S. Iyengar

I would love to hearing your thoughts on this? And whether you have a question you ask yourself when your hand reaches for an item of food that you know is merely to fulfil a feeling, not a body-wish.



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