Squeezing out of September

This morning I tried on a pair of black pants that were the perfect fit pre-babies.. they barely made it over my thighs, let alone allowed me a glimpse of closing. And truth be told, I didn’t care. I simply took them off and threw them into the ‘give away’ pile of clothes that I add to almost daily (I’m the opposite of a hoarder).

What I LOVED about this moment, is that I embodied all I have ever wanted to believe. 11 years ago I was in rehab for an eating disorder and too had to (although it wasn’t out of choice) put on weight. I so clearly remember the agony of not fitting into my clothes, and the desire to keep them, perhaps for ONE DAY when I did.

The thing with clinging to an unrealistic size, is that you’re firstly setting yourself up for failure, and secondly you are reinforcing to yourself, that your current body is NOT your best. NOW..don’t get me wrong, perhaps it isn’t BUT according to what standards??!! You see the world screams many a message about the perfect body, but what it always leaves out is that NOT all skinny, toned girls are happy. NOPE!!! In fact skinny will never equal happy. Happy girls are happy, and they become this by embracing a life that they LOVE waking up every damn day, not a body type!!!!

If this message resonates with you then I am thrilled that we are on the same page, but if not..if instead you feel that this message may be true for some, but isn’t for you yet, then Darling, I would be absolutely honoured to walk alongside you as heal your relationship with your body, develop a healthy self worth and become your BEST self (outside and inside). My Digesting Love course is on special for October for R2000 instead of the usual R2500, but I am limited to only take on another 4 clients (first come first serve).

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