Managing mum-ing & work

I’m a work-a-holic and there’s no denying it. In my quest to happiness and a fulfilled life I created a career that I love and this has been incredible and incredibly draining all in the same breathe. Whilst I adore waking each morning to do something I love, it also means that I love it so much that I struggle to ever stop. I’d happily work right through weekend and whilst my kids play at my feet in the afternoon.

After my bout of ‘life hardness’ early this year (I had a total melt down), I reassessed where my life was at and where I wanted it to be. One the biggest decisions that I needed to make was in line with my suffocating yet hugely fulfilling career. I was doing too much and it was taking up too much of my time.

In my previous ‘self critical’ mindset I would have hated on my work-a-holic self. I would have said things like “I was a bad mom for choosing work over my kids” or that “work wasn’t everything”, but through my daily affirmations and self love state, I managed to escape this rocky stage with little self doubt and rather, with many a tear rolling down my cheek, make an empowering decision for me and my family, with my personality in mind.

I decided to move work out of home and into an office where I would work until 12pm everyday, after which I’d mom. I hated the idea of leaving Noah at home, and me not being present but the honest truth was that mixing mommying and work just wasn’t working for me and this was one of the biggest reasons as to why I had to work in the afternoons too. By moving work to an office, I now leave home around 7:30am and when I return at 12:30pm I’m mostly done for the day. It was a simple decision to move my workspace yet the repercussions have been enormous; I’m more present with my kids in the afternoons and far more productive in my mornings. One another change that I made to my routine was that I now try to either play with the kids in the garden or to take them out to a child-friendly coffee shop (we call them play places). By getting out the house, I remove the temptation to reply to an email quickly or complete some work. And again, this small decision has served me and my kids so well over the past few months.

I suppose my encouragement to you, is firstly get to know yourself and be okay with who you are. And secondly, put things in place to ensure that you can thrive as a mum and human being too!!


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