Quick and easy flapjacks :)


Today, on Get Fit Friday, Carene shares the yummiest healthy flapjacks for you!!!

Carene is a passionate food lover who has experienced how healthy eating can improve your whole lifestyle. Through her blog, foodi2shoes, she shares her ideas and recipes, helping you cook yummy meals that the future you will appreciate!

Today’s recipe has already featured on her blog, but we thought we’d give you some healthy eating inspiration here too. I can truly vouch for this recipe – I had them for breakfast this morning and they are DELICIOUS and oh-so-healthy!!!

All you need is:

2 eggs and a banana
THAT IS IT! Promise! No flour, no milk, no nothing! Eating healthy does not get easier than this!

With a hand blender mix the banana and eggs together. Fry small amounts on a heated pan in 5ml of coconut oil, same way you would make normal flapjacks. I would recommend serving them with cheese and honey, but they are also delicious on their own!!


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