S3: Episode 7 – Its time to lean into God’s call on your life!

If ever there were a woman who has gone against the grain, here she is. Nehneh Shange lives and works in Kwadabeka area in the Valley of 1000 Hills. Although coming from a poor background, she managed to qualify with 2 degrees before beginning her teaching journey. It was then that God began to stir her heart to do MORE for her community. This woman has faced challenge after challenge and yet still humbly stands with such dignity as she talks about the Private School that she has started on the next-door property to her home. Isambulo College is remarkable. It deserves our attention and my prayer is that the model behind this school would in time be replicated in other areas too.

Those wanting to pledge financially towards Isambulo College – Please consider donating via this link, Ref: Isambulo.

Visit the School Group here on Facebook AND/OR feel free to contact me directly via email to get in touch with Nehneh herself. My email address is caitlyndebeer@gmail.com









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