It’s not too late to end 2017 well

I’m a total sucker for the build up to the New Year. Whilst New Years Eves have definitely got quieter as the years have progressed, I love the energy around the 31st; the obvious buzz in the air, the desire and realness of the FRESH start that will come with the sunrise.

BUT as the days got longer and the calendar moved closer the 31st December, many counted down the sleeps until holidays began and the year hit shutdown. Whilst I don’t blame you (I did the same), what our impatience for a new start, does do, is rob us from finishing the year strong. In our rush for closure, we often miss the power of reflecting on the year passed, gaining insights about what we’ve learnt, what has/hasn’t worked out and where we’re heading.

Stats show that 95% of people have broken their New Years Resolutions by as early as the 15th Jan. Yes that’s like 6 days away…eek!!! The notion of being this ‘whole new person’ this year, fades, and we’re faced with the reality of who we are.

I have thought long and hard over this, the reality that as much as we long for a fresh start, we often fail at it before we’ve even really begun. I’m not here to destroy the excitement around fresh starts; I love them too (gracious I do). But what I feel that we can do differently, in an attempt to avoid setting the same resolutions year after year, is if we PAUSE, now, and we honestly reflect on the year passed.

Reflection allows us to acknowledge our successes, learn from our failures (and admit them), to close doors and to open new ones for a more ‘informed’ start.

Here are a few questions that I personally worked through as the year headed to closure. Work through them in your own time!


DOWNLOAD ‘ Reflecting on 2017’ HERE!!


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