My holiday lifesaver

Handling a BUSY nearly 2-year-old is hectic …add in a totally-dependent-on-you 5 month old babe, and well let’s just say that shopping, walks, and basically any outing can potentially become a screaming match. Mom, toddler or baby being the screamer? It totally depends on the day. I love being a mom of 2 -under-2 but the truth is that at times coping is nearly impossible, especially with my ‘feisty fairy’, as her swimming teacher refers to her. Just last week, I took Se to swim at local spot we love, with a pool. I was under the umbrella with Noah, watching Se like a hawk. But being 10 paces away, when she accidently plunged off the step, a friend jumped in (in her dress) to get Se, whilst I sprinted into the water, already sobbing.

Okay that got serious quickly…but it totally was serious, and it hit me HARD. Like 30 minutes worth of tears hard. Whilst I watched the incident happen and thus drowning was seriously unlikely, the reality of 2 under 2 is…just that. A reality. And a hard one, at that.

Whilst I’ve been fighting glandular fever for the past 6 weeks, we did have a stunning December holiday, of 10 days in the Cape and 10 days on the South Coast. Lots of beach time, walks and daily adventures with my 2 littles.

One of my saving graces (and a total Mommy coping mechanism) was my TFK Joggster pram. Whilst the pram itself is BIG, like many other running pram brands, and thus hard to travel far with (I would have looooved to take it to CT but realistically it would have taken up our whole hired car boot), it is AMAZING for home or local adventures. Noah’s Recardo Privia car seat lives in Daddy’s car and is thus set for weekend adventures. This amazing car seat conveniently clips right into the TFK Joggster, thus making it super easy to trek Noah around if he falls asleep in the car, or if I’m rushing (which is often). Another part of the pram that I’ve love is the carry cot which too clips into the pram. Noah has nearly outgrown his normal urban strollers’ carrycot, but what I love about the TFK’s one is that the back-rest adjusts & can thus be put up in an almost seated position, making it totally use-able for months after the lying down stage has ended. It’s almost like a toddler seat but with a barrier so that the child can’t slip out (a total win)!!

This pram has been a real lifesaver for us. It’s so well used, that currently it’s sitting in the garage with its first-ever puncture (it had to happen) and will be taken to the bike shop for repairs this weekend.


What did you get up to these hols and is there any baby/mommy equipment you love?? I’d love to hear!!


PS: You can purchase the TFK Joggster from Sproutability.


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