Episode 25 – Disconnect to Reconnect (all things social media)

Today on the podcast, Becky (from ByBeckyCo & The Well Pod) and I chat all things social media. From the Psychology behind WHY we all feel so drawn to our phones, to how we both got into it, the benefits we see in it and then also the effects, we feel, that it can have on connection. It’s a real conversation by 2 wellness podcasters who confidently confess our love/hate relationship with these platforms!

My disconnecting from social media and what it did for me (01:31)

The power of choice (02:43)

Becs’ use of social media (04:06)

The squares of our lives (06:22)

The Psychology behind our social media addiction/s (09:11)

Are our phones just a distraction from us ‘feeling’ comfortable emotions? (14:14)

Your phone’s effect on your physical connections (16:00)

My boundaries to protect connection (kids & my husband) in my personal life (20:00)

Live activity by Becs: Reflection on disconnection from our phones (26:33)

The positives of social media (28:23)

Decision time: Are you needing a social media detox? Some tips.. (33:44)


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