Episode 26 – How to get dressed through stress

An emotional and inspiring chat to Nerine Jones, stylist and image consultant with a beautiful, touching story. We chat through Nerine’s personal trauma (2018) and how her knowledge of style and organisation skills helped her through her ‘worst nightmare’. Conversations around matching your wardrobe to your lifestyle, getting dressed through stress, becoming the CEO of your home and embracing a wardrobe that makes you feel fabulous, will leave you not just inspired but action-driven.

Nerine’s beautiful faith, positivity and inspiring view on style and organisation will inspire you and hopefully leave you with tools to ‘dress through stress’.


Intro – Nerine Jones (01:00)

How Kit & Nerine overlapped (08:19)

Nerine’s trauma (08:36)

Get up, dress up (21:23)

Our responsibility is how we choose to respond to life (23:43)

Call in your team in order to help manage yourself well (25:33)

Be the CEO of your home (26:07)

  • Organisation
  • Stopping negative behaviour
  • Fashion/style

Wardrobe cross-roads/ Style ruts (27:18)

Your wardrobe should match your lifestyle (29:00)

Create more white-space in your life & declutter (31:00)

How to deal with your ‘skinny’, ‘pre-kids’ or ‘goal outfits’ (33:50)

Don’t disqualify your extraordinary life: it’s NOT too late (37:56)


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