Don’t let juice make a fool out of you



A little while ago, I was training hard (running wise) & was thus struggling to keep weight on. With this being a battle I refuse to fight, I chose to go and see a dietician to get some tips on how to get in enough calories even with a hectic training program.

I will never forget the day my dietician sent my new diet to me…and I saw that my additional 1000KJ a day would come from……


Yes, ‘juice’ friends. You know that healthy looking box drink with the fruit on the outside. That plastic bottle you drink out of willy-nilly after a long day at work. Haha, that’s it. Juice.


What I was yet to learn is that…
Juice = calories. 


And lots of them!!! For me, this was such a win as it meant I didn’t need to add another 6 potatoes to my already large dinner 🙂 But it also opened my eyes to a world many of us are completely oblivious to. We cut out chocolate, sweets, pizza and coke but we forget that sugar is present in almost every food we currently eat/drink. And sugar = glucose = energy…which if not used = weight gain!

So what are the alternatives for juice then?

Well, with my training program having been quite hectic recently again, I put a juicer on my birthday list & genuinely couldn’t be more stoked with this genius little appliance. I now get to make my own healthy juices, choosing how many sugar-ridden fruits I want to consume a day.

Other healthy alternatives:

  • Ginger tea in the morning
  • Rooibos tea with honey
  • Water
  • Smoothies


I’m not anti juice my friend, just thought there may be others out there who are as ignorant as I was 🙂


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