Why is body love so important anyway?


You are the only constant.

My childhood was filled with memories of young friends, sport and of course my brothers. But that stage of life ended…

My teens were marked by years of rowdy girls boarding school hysteria. My best friends were more sisters than anything. And then that stage of life ended.

First year Varsity was…well…a bit of a blur. The combination of freedom, mixed with terrible eating habits & far too much alcohol encouraged deep but somewhat fickle friendships. There were certain friendships that sprouted so quickly it was as if destiny brought us together, and others that dwindled as quickly as they had developed. But then that stage of life ended.

Living in digs with 7 of my best ever friends was, and will-forever-be remembered as ‘The Dream”. I lived with 7 of the best human beings alive. We laughed. Played. Loved. And man did we live! But then that stage of life too, came to an end.

And then came the years that followed varsity; somewhat quieter, more meaningful years. These years were marked with some deep friendships, some sad goodbyes, new friendships. Some old friendships rekindled.  But still, this too will pass.

You see relationships truly are one of the BEST things we’re given here on earth. My best friends (and family) are in every sense my world. But I am no slave to thoughts that this too may change. Friendships are meant to change. Just like you and I are.

We evolve. Become. Change. Mature. It’s a beautiful thing this THING called LIFE. But it can be lonely too.

While some may stand by your side in hardship & joy. Others may not. And often it’s the ones you least suspected that do indeed stand the test of time.

But when all is said and done, my friend, you will, most likely, be left with YOU again. Just YOU. And while life may have been filled with numerous joys beyond comprehension; little will hold true unless you are comfortable sitting in that rocking chair with the ONE human being who never left you. YOU.

And that, beautiful, is why body love matters. Because YOU matter. And because YOU aren’t going anywhere. So either you busy yourself with friendship, love & all things wonderful until such day as YOU catch up with YOU, and you desperately try to create an escape. Again. From yourself.

Or you get to the bottom of this now. And you learn the utmost privilege of treating oneself with love, respect and kindness. And master the art of sitting alone with only you. And being ok with that.

And from that space, go out & love the socks off of those God has currently placed in your life!!


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