Courage precedes break-throughs

I had an epiphany today and I wanted to share it with you. But first I need to back track a little…

I grew up in a family of go-getters and admittedly most of us lack in patience; but in the true nature of life, or God, we’re often thrown curve balls in life to empower us to be braver, to grow, to learn, to progress. What I thought was a patience lesson turned out to be so much more..

We started Se at swimming lessons at 6 months old..and let’s just say it’s been a long road since then. Whilst she loves water, she loves comfort  (or a lack of change) even more.  She progressed normally in her swimming ability up until about 2 and a half and then we noticed this un-denying deep-set fear of pushing the boundaries and stepping out into the unknown, the deep.

For at least a year now, Se has had the ability to swim on her own, but instead of venturing out, she’s stuck to being held, screamed at lessons (especially when I’ve tried to force her to let be braver) and she’s perfected her stroke…on the step. It’s driven me mad at times, to tears even, a few times. It wasn’t the swimming thing though (I don’t think) that pushed me to tears but rather her lack of confidence in herself…when I could so clearly see that she could do it.

We entered December holidays in this stuck-state and she has swam the entire holiday, but always on the step or where she could stand. But now January is here and the idea of starting lessons again, today, brought her tears twice, yesterday. The fear was so real.

Her incredibly patient swimming teacher took charge, as always today, and walked her through the lesson leading every step of the way. She started small and got Sarah to notice the progress she was making. It took a 15minute lesson, and then, just like that, she swam. ON HER OWN. A whole 5m and then 10 times more. She can swim. She did it.


As I drove home from the lesson today, a full face of mummy tears, it hit me. How often does this happen in adult life too?! So many others can see the potential in us but we don’t have the courage to go there…until one day, we do, and we can’t believe that we didn’t venture out earlier.

Darling, wherever you find yourself today…know that your potential is enormous and as you take little courageous steps towards that one-day big dream, you’ll no doubt wake soon to a life you always wanted but weren’t sure you were capable of living out.


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  1. Bianca on January 14, 2020 at 7:34 am

    Such a wondeful post! A reminder as a mom that my littles will over come their fears they just need skme support. And a reminder as an adult that I too will over come my fears and challenges!

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