Can happiness last?

We’re super women, dedicated wives or partners, powerful in our professions or managing a home and yet as we try come across humble, gentle even, we often neglect the ‘me’ behind the magic. Many of us embrace the art of selflessness in our quest to master womanhood but while doing so, we often forget the self in this process.


Self-belief is a head game. FULLSTOP. To neglect, despise or ignore ones body/self is not a physiological thing, as bodily as it sounds, it’s a head game and it’s actually all about the thoughts you tea-party with all day.


At the core of ‘self love’ is one’s ability to admit love for oneself, and this is often where this dilemma begins. To prioritize ‘me’ means to place my existence on a pedestal. It means to dance with the idea that your body or ‘self’ is worth respecting and your mind worth honouring.


Everyday we’re faced with a million images of what we should look like, could even, and linked to that is this false belief that a type of body/lifestyle would make us happy. We’ve been brainwashed to believe that happy and skinny are linked but deep down, we know that not everyone who is skinny is happy…so what’s up with that?


Media are well practiced at portraying and linking beauty with happiness, and so we believe it. Until such time as we hit our fitness/weight goal and in our despondence at not feeling the lasting ecstasy that we expected, we just set a new goal, with a new mark for happiness. Hoping desperately that reaching THIS one will be our ticket to a happy life.


The thing is, skinny people aren’t happy. Nor are successful people actually. Happy people are happy!! I will never forget my happiness theory being reinvented after a Mozambique outreach I went on in 2010. After having spent 5 days travelling up through Mozambique, and eventually crossing a river by boat to an almost untouched land of trading (no money) and real poverty, we set up camp and were welcomed by a community of happy people. They were poor YES, they lived off the land and traded produce for clothes (across the river), but they were happy. Some may say that they knew no better, they had no expectation of what their lives could look like and that that is what made their happiness so easily attainable, and I agree expect I believe that we too, can attain this, despite our knowledge. We see celebrities again and again being swallowed by pressure and deep depression; yet we still believe the ads, the idea that money or success = happiness. No doubt money makes life easier, but it complicates too.


My belief is simple, and something I am challenged on almost daily. Define YOUR best life, and compare only to this. Get to know yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, dreams and the things that truly make you feel most alive, and create a life around this and the people who make you a better version of yourself.


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