It’s NOT okay to hate what you see in the mirror


Everyday as I browse through instagram, look around the gym, observe my varsity students and chat to my clients – I come face-to-face with the reality that “It’s more acceptable for you to despise your body than it is for you to love it.” And quite simply, I’m tired of just accepting this.

It’s NOT okay. It’s NOT okay that every time you look in the mirror, all you see are the parts of your body that you want to change. It’s not okay that teens at age 10 are already aware of what a love handle is, and that it’s something to detest. It’s NOT okay that we spend days counting calories and evenings beating ourselves up about the extra biscuit we nibbled on at teatime. It’s just NOT okay.


I have a story too.

I used to be that girl. I obsessed over the mirror, avoided cake at birthday parties, and then over indulged in the late afternoon. I used food to reward myself after a long day and then spent hours pounding the pavement, in attempt to rid my body of this injustice. And all along, I thought I was a normal. I thought this behaviour was normal. But then it dawned on me…

Normal is for the average and God, in his ingenuity, did not create YOU (or me) to be normal. YOU (and me) were made to be extraordinary. And so my journey of self-love, healing my relationship with food and embracing a healthy lifestyle of exercise, good food and a lack of obsessing, began.

I’m now dedicated to help & inspire you with words, challenges, coaching and motivation to LOVE ALL OF YOU, heal your relationship with food, create a healthy lifestyle free of obsession…and to live the extraordinary life that you were created for!! And the deep truth is that I’m in this with you in growing in my ability to love all of myself too!!

The ONE habit that I have seen literally CHANGE my clients (and my) life, is the simple habit of practising Self Love – i.e: Embracing a number of healthy habits that will help you to love your current body while still pursuing a healthy, fit lifestyle.

If this appeals to you in any way then join me for my SELF-LOVE INSTAGRAM challenge, by downloading this PRETTY PDF full of ideas of self love. Spend 21 days, together with a tribe of gorgeous girls doing this too, and EMBRACE this self-love-habit head-on as we implement and take pics of new, powerful self-love habits that we’ll add to our lives each day. Post these pics to instagram with the hashtag #DigestingLove and let’s inspire the world to love themselves and to live extraordinary lives from the inside out!!

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