My journey to self-love


Recently I was chatting to a friend, who asked why I do what I do. You know, Life-Coach. And all I could reply with was,

“At one stage in my life, I wanted to give up. I had allowed negative thoughts to create a me who wasn’t half of what I was created to be. Until I chose to let go of self-defeating behaviours. I now work everyday, reminding beautiful girls that they too can learn to love themselves. All of them. That diets never win. Wearing a size 30 won’t fix a thing. Nor will juicing, or trendy clothes, or a gorgeous man on your hip. Social media lies. As does comparison. Abs don’t make us a happier. If they did, we wouldn’t see them searching for approval all over Facebook. Only YOU can create happiness for yourself. Only YOU can choose to take control and learn to LOVE all of you. And the funniest part of this all, is that often the person you thought you wanted to be (fit, healthy, in-love) is the very person you end up becoming, but as a byproduct of the beautiful work you have done on the internal you."

To which she replied with…

"You need to tell them that."


I thought I had?! But apparently I was wrong.

I’ve blogged for hours on happiness, success, giving and goals; but perhaps this is the year that we take this one step deeper. This year, I want to journey with you into the realm of self love. What it means to actually accept all of you. To love your body. And to reward it with what it craves, not lust, diets, abs, comparison or control. But rather inner-peace, serious confidence, fitness, health, positive self-talk & embracing the GORGEOUS you that you were created to be. I’ll tell you bits of my story… And hopefully start you on an adventure towards loving the WHOLE you.


Do I have a right to comment on these sensitive topics?


Well, for years; food, weight and approval controlled my life. My daily thoughts were more filled with what I had or hadn’t eaten than with my studying, relationships or anything else that filled my life at that time. I ate salads, snacked on fruit, ran (LOTS) and felt my hands continuously gravitating towards feeling my tummy, my arms… For years it won. Until my tears of absolute defeat turned into words of affirmation which I quietly learnt to whisper over myself. Years later, I reflect; healthy, fit, embracing a body-I-love, with a head filled with positive self talk, gratitude, perspective and outward-looking.

My journey towards learning to love the body I was given, to treat it with respect, kind words & love love love, was a long one. One, which humbled, challenged and continued to keep me grateful for the lessons I learnt, the new habits adopted and ultimately the God I serve.

The body I once treated with constant criticism, judgment and comparison; is now the very body that fuels me to love the life I live. I have (and continue to) learn/ed to listen to this temple I reside in. To treat it with utmost respect & I can genuinely say that this has been the most incredible journey for me. I try to honour my body by giving it what it wants each day, and that changes day-by-day. One day its a run, another yoga, some days its nuts and other days smarties. But all in moderation. I don’t cut-out anything. But have rather learnt the empowering truth of self discipline, and what it means to let go of emotional eating.

I would be lying to say I’ve nailed it. But wow have I come a long way. And you can too my beautiful friend!!!


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