Is your life in need of a revamp?


“I feel as if the hamster wheel I’m on has become SO comfy that I haven’t realized it isn’t even turning any longer.” Said a client of mine recently, while sobbing back tears. This feeling of utter ‘gross-ness’ in realising that the past year had literally come and gone with little-to-no progress or joy, had left her with a lack of motivation to move, let alone make some crazy big career/life change.

If this resonates with you, or you feel that you may be on a path towards this reality. Then take heart….

I will never forget the day my little brother told me that he’d moved into my bedroom at my parent’s house. I said a horrible word, and smsed him a rather mean message, and then after receiving his very matter-of-fact ‘You are married, Kit. Get over it’ sms….I sobbed.

Now, I’m one of those over-excited active people, who crave adventure and newness – sometimes even to my own detriment. Put simply, I’m not scared of change. If anything, I revel in it. So why was it that I found myself in tears after my brother moved me out of my ‘real’ bedroom??

In this global fast-paced world it is no wonder that many of us find comfort in a lack-of-change. Everywhere we look buildings are going up, jobs are becoming ever-more flexible, fit-has-become-the-old-skinny, and last month’s wardrobe is so-yesterday. We are being brainwashed by magazines and media, into living with self-awareness, practicing mindfulness and being present – but even these ‘admirable habits’ seem fleeting, in this future-focused society that calls us into tomorrow, before today has even begun.

With everything changing around us, it makes sense that even the most-adventurous types are beginning to crave stability. But can too much stability leave you bored, uninspired and lacking purpose?

Whether you’re a non-risk-taker and are on the brink of boredom-melt-down, or if you’re a future-seeker but in your quest for stability you’ve got yourself a little too comfortable and are possibly stagnating… There is hope!!

Progression is at the very heart of human nature, and thus when we find we are stagnating, we suffer. If there is one thing that pulled me through times somewhat similar to what you are experiencing, it was firstly my faith and knowing there is bigger picture going on right now, and then secondly it was rediscovering (and creating) a vision for my life.

I’m not going to share 10 steps towards leaving your boring job, nor am I going to say ‘stick it through, this too shall pass’. No, instead I want to encourage you to do an activity (and by do I mean to dedicate a GOOD 2 hours of non-sleepy time to this), and to then reflect on what surfaced for you…and to decide what to do with that newness!!


Click here to download the activity mentioned above!!


Finding meaning in life is what makes life worth living. Hang in there my friend and know that your life is precious beyond belief and your ABSOLUTE HAPPINESS is SO worth fighting for!!



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