I get to do what I love…everyday!!

Today, I get to share on another blog tour run by Halley from Evolve and succeed.
The hot topic today is ‘What has been the hardest and the best part of owning your own business??

So firstly I thought I’d give you a quick run-down on what exactly, I do…and then I’ll answer the 2 BIG questions.
So, what is a Life Coach anyway??
Life Coaching is an incredible methodology that can take you from where you are at today to where you want to be!!
We have all seen and tried the 5-ways-to-a-better-life/weight-loss type programs, and somehow even after months of maintaining, we all ultimately seem to fail miserably at following someone’s else’s plan for our lives. I, as a Life Coach believe this to be due to the fact that you will only ever achieve a goal that is defined by YOU, on your own terms – a goal that you have fully thought through, a goal that you have bought into. Now this sounds a little soft and cushion-ey, but in reality, it is so far from that.
Each of us is the only ‘master’ of our own lives. No one else truly knows what you need and who you want to become. Sometimes these desires are so deeply hidden within us though, that we fail to ever recognize them or if we do recognize them, to achieve them. That’s where I come in!!! My skills, as a life coach, are about knowing which questions to ask you and having the right tools and techniques to challenge and nudge you towards finding these answers within yourselves. Whether it is looking at your life, your career or your dreams, I can help you discover what your ‘BEST’ looks like…and then together we brainstorm, strategize and set goals towards achieving the life you always dreamed of living!
OK, so what’s the hardest part of owning my own business?
This may sound silly but I know that all business owners will get me when I say that the hardest part about owning my own business, is that it’s mine. This simply means that nothing happens unless I make it happen, and that can be tiring. But insanely exciting too!! Finding a balance between work and play is tough too when you create a career centred around your passions, as so often the two collide, get mingled together, and you forget that play outside of work, is important too.
But let’s leave the bad bits and focus on the positive side of owning your own business.
So, what’s the best part of owning my own business?
I could answer with an “expected”…my time is my own. But that would be a big mistake, as as much as having your own time is wonderful, it can also be disastrous if you end up sleeping in every day, running a business that isn’t making any money, or moving forward. So for me, I’d say that the best part of owning my own business is a simple, I get to do what I love, everyday!! When it comes to one’s career, I’m ALL about “Love what you do, do what you love”. I get why people avoid it, I get that it can be hard to match your passion with a career and that we all need to make a living; but for me the sacrifice has been more than just worth it, it has changed my life.
As a life coach, I get to seek out your potential, hear the insights of your dreams and help to put the stepping stones in place between where you are at today and where you would like to be; and that is why I love what I do!!!And finally, a motto I live by…
“I can’t promise that you will always be comfortable… but I can promise that it will be worth it!”
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