Girls & wobbly bits


One of the beautiful things about growing up, is being faced with a body that changes every year. I always thought aging was for one-day when my kids had kids, and I was content sitting in my rocking chair with a flabby tum…but I was so wrong.

Aging isn’t a thing that suddenly happens. It’s gradual. And it starts early. Becoming a teenager is the first of these changes we face –your boobs grow, hips widened and flat tummy gains a little bulge at the bottom. And then,, put simply…it never stops.

I’m forever hearing woman saying to younger girls ‘Stop complaining about your body, you have nothing to worry about – I wish I was your age’. While I’m sure deep down, she probably does…what she doesn’t realize is that this girl is thinking the same thing, about someone half her age. You see comparison and body-changes never stop.

Whether you’re 16, 31, 42, 55 or 78 – your body is constantly changing…and it’s meant to be!!

One of the coolest, and hardest, parts of pregnancy has been seeing how my body has adjusted to protect, nurture and nourish our little girl. Knowing that my body has produced huge amounts of pregnancy hormones over the past 7 months – some of which are there just to encourage my joints and muscles to loosen (to get flabby)to allow for the huge expansion my body has gone through – is a beautiful message that my body was created to hold this precious gift.


I once heard an analogy that only now resonates so truly within me.


You never look at a female dog that has saggy teats after feeding it’s pups and say “Gross, look how saggy everything is”. No, instead, we marvel at what this dog has produced and goes through to look after her precious pups. We should we see motherhood in the same way, as humans. Our bodies go through massive changes to become a mom. Why is it then that we still become haters of something so natural and so beautiful?


Over the next week, I am going to share more of my pregnancy journey. Join me as I share some insights on how I’ve managed to stay fit through pregnancy, what I’ve avoided and craved and the art of learning to listen to one’s body.

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A taste of my next post…”I always imagined I’d be this kick-ass fit mom, who wore short denim shorts and ran til 6 months pregnant. I always imagined that I’d carry neatly at the front, would wiz through pregnancy….”


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