Consistency: The word I’m taking with me into November

Happy Friday the 1st

If there is one thing I’ve learnt this past month, it’s been consistency.  A friend told me about a tedtalk she’d recently listened to that said if you brush for your teeth for 2min, as a once off, it’ll do nothing for your teeth. But repeat this behaviour twice a day for 20 years and the effect is mind-blowing.


Isn’t it so true with life too. Consistency is where we see results.


For me personally, October taught me that consistency doesn’t always benefit you in the now. I’m 15-weeks post tearing my glute muscle and still I can’t run, or walk far without my pelvis going into ‘shock’. BUT after chatting to my bio, and physio, this week – they both reminded me that if I’m sticking to my bio workout program (which I am), that in 6 months time, when I am running (stronger than ever), I’ll be so grateful for the months of consistency; when I saw no results.

I suppose this is true for raising kids too. Gracious mine have challenged me this past month, but again perhaps consistency is the answer. I may not see the result today, or tomorrow even, but here’s hoping that in 6 months time, we’ll be repeating the rewards of the hard parenting choices we feel we’re having to make now.

All this talk of 6 months gets me excited. 6 months from now lands me on the 1st May. Gracious, that’s a long way away… This Enneagram-Type-3 (more on that later) freaks at such a long timeline – I like to see things happen. NOW. But by God’s beautiful grace, as always, He is teaching me to slow down, to look inwards, to look up and to keep going.


On one final note: I’ve tried my best to be consistent with recording and posting quality listening material on my podcast channel: The UnPodcast – It’s about You, for the past few weeks. This week we chatted to Christy from ‘the chat’ about all things ‘the chat’ that we as parents need to begin having with our kids; in this crazy tech-savy world we live in today. And then next Wednesday episode 33 comes out and I chat to Enneagram expert, Lindsay Cook, on the 9 personality types (BEST tool I’m yet to come across) and she digs into my personal personality type and how it plays out in my reality.


Love to you in this beautiful month ahead – may it be one of clarity, joy and consistency. And when you feel tired and begin to wish the year away, think back to this – Your future-self will THANK YOU for your humble, positive consistency in finishing 2019 well.

xx Kit

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