3 thoughts that I live by when it comes to comparison

As you may know, H & I spent 2013/2014 living in South Korea, Asia. Whilst there, we had the privilege of attending a colleague of H’s typical Korean wedding. The wedding (one of 6 that day at this specific wedding hall..and yes you read that right, 6) was packed to capacity with Koreans, us being the only Westerns at this wedding.

Living in the south of South Korea, westerners were not easy to come by, and we thus held a somewhat ‘celebrity’ role in the City; this went as far as children often clapping on seeing us. And so, the fact that the 2 little kids (probably aged 4 and 6) sitting in the pew in front of us kept popping their heads up and laughing at us, seemed fitting. This was until halfway through the service, when they both appeared again, however this time, pulling their eyes together with their fingers and pushing up their noses. It took us a good few minutes to realise that they were in fact mocking us, with our ‘round’ eyes (instead of slandered like theirs) and our supposed upturned noses. We laughed then..but the situation had got awfully heated up in our few moments of confusion and the kids’ parents were frantically bowing at us in an attempt to apologize and rushed their children out of the service.

Sometimes comparison can be funny but mostly IT SUX. Here are 3 thoughts that I live by when it comes to comparison..

  1. Create a life that you actually want to live

How often do you hear (or do you) complain about your reality? Your job, kids, salary, marriage (or lack their of), body.. We all do it. All too often. The truth is though that YOU and only YOU are in control of what your life looks like. You can sit back and complain, blame even, or you take YOUR life by the horns and dictate it’s path from here forwards. Your destiny is in your hands!


  1. Don’t try to replicate someone else’s dream

In many of my talks I mention that I’m a passionate runner and I can’t tell you often people come up to me afterwards and say how they too are attempting running but struggling so much to actually enjoy it. To which I quickly reply with “if you’re hating it. STOP. Find something that YOU LOVE DOING and do that instead.” You will only ever be second best if you’re trying to replicate someone’s life, body, career, dream. Get to know yourself, and run, wholeheartly, after the dreams that God has placed in side of YOU, not inside of your boss, friend, mom or foe.


  1. The grass sure ain’t any greener over there

Don’t believe all that you see on social media. I don’t like saying that it’s all a lie, as for me, it’s very much my life, however I choose to share mostly the positives and not the hard bits. And hard bits there are. MANY. Challenge your thinking when you find yourself comparing your life to another’s. The more honest you are with yourself, the quicker you’re likely to realise that their life probably isn’t the answer to all your prayers. I.e: She may be pretty but it doesn’t take a genius to realise that not all skinny girls are happy.


Be intentional with your life. Wake up and make today happen, as if you’d planned it that way!



  1. Erica Walker on November 14, 2017 at 1:23 am

    Brilliant Caitlyn – so WELL said and so true

    • caitlyndb on November 14, 2017 at 8:14 am

      Thanks Erica <3

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