3 habits to get you glowing from the inside out

Michigan Behn

1. Mindfulness

I refer to this when chatting to my gorgeous clients, as ‘penny drop moments’. Similar to when a penny drops in a quiet room & we turn to see where the noise has come from, we too need to learn to quiet-en our minds to hear where our internal noise is coming from. These self reflecting moments give us time to reflect on, and then adjust, our posture, assess what we’re eating and why and most importantly to pause in our thinking and ask the simple question – “What is the most functional way of dealing with THIS emotion I am feeling right now.”

2. Move that boody

Exercise isn’t about hating your body, it’s about loving it. Getting your body moving every day is a beautiful way of telling your brain that your behaviour matters. We will never know the true impact of what afternoon-self-pity-eating-on-the-couch mode really does to our thinking, as we only see the effects on our bodies. But the truth is, your brain is constantly aware of the messages that your body is sending it. For example if eating junk food equals pleasure followed by a feeling of shame, then this is a message that your brain may be very comfortable with and will thus automatically associate food with shame. Making a conscious choice to love your body everyday by getting it up and moving, is a great way to break negative patterns in your brain.

2 Helpful Tips:

Choose a time of day that works for YOU. If you’re a morning person then it’s silly to save exercise for after work, as it’s unlikely to ever become habit, and visa versa for those night owls.

Pick an exercise that you are likely to maintain. Don’t start running is you hate every second of it. Rather take up a class or find a gym buddy who will keep you motivated. Or if you’re a busy mom and may only be able to squeeze in 20 minutes at home, then why not buy an online workout, like Kayla Itsines’s Ebooks OR download the 7-minute workout App.

3. Gratitude

Many of us live lives that are so rich and full but instead it’s as if the mist has rolled in and blurred our vision of what is good in our lives. Creating a gratitude journal and filling it in with 3 things you’re grateful for, each morning or evening is a powerful way of challenging your current thinking.

Remember that it’s not happiness that make us grateful, its gratitude that makes us HAPPY


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  1. Natelie Buitendach on July 19, 2017 at 12:12 pm

    Amazing words 🙂

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