My 2014 Bucket list

As you may or may not know, I posted my 2014 Bucket list live on my blog early this year.

The idea behind this was to firstly transform my ideas for 2014 into do-able actions, and secondly by sharing these, I knew that it would hold me to my dreams.

My Bucket List in pics

1. Angkor Watt, Cambodia

2 & 3: A day with Ellies

4. Paraglide off Lions Head

5. Watch a match at Wimbledon

6. Paris to the Tour de France

7. Run a PB full marathon in SA

8. Create a gorgeous home office


While Bucket list’s aren’t for everyone, they are definitely for me. I have found the exercise of verbalising my dreams, to be not just fun but genuinely empowering….and wow what a year this has been!!

So as part of my 2014 reflection, I have decided to blog about each item on this prior years Bucket list, over the course of this week 🙂 Ending with a bang next week, when I launch (and create) my Bucket list for 2015.

Journey along with me…

This year my bucketlist took me from South East Asia, to riding in a camper van following the Tour de France, and even included a little project right here in sunny SA. I’m excited to share all that this past year held for me: the many joys, some not-so-joyous moments, the power of change and what I learnt from the items I have not yet ticked off.


Post 1

Finally, I hope this inspires you to get dreaming too & create a life you love, with every bit of intention.

CLICK HERE to see my 2015 Bucketlist!

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