Twinkle Twinkle little star, how we wonder what you are


My blog has been down for over a month now but my website designer and friend helped me get it up and running last night, so I feel it’s time to catch you up on all that has gone down over the past few months.

A few weeks back, H and I got to experience the utter joy of cutting a cake, in front of our friends & family, knowing that the inside of that cake would reveal the gender of our little smartie (Due 4th Feb).

Okay, so let’s back track a bit….

At 16 weeks – we had our scan, dying to find out the gender of our bub…but to no avail. So we literally waited with battered breathe as the 21 week scan approached. Desperately praying and hoping that our little one would play along, and show us their private parts 🙂

So Tuesday arrived – our scan day!!! After seeing so much incredible detail on our little smartie, and see them as active as anything in my tum; we then asked our gynae to let us know when to turn away, to avoid us actually seeing the gender. After a quick glimpse the result was apparently very evident and he then wrote it on a piece of a paper (folded) for us to pass on (no peeking was allowed). We then gave this paper to the receptionist who called our cake maker (and good friend) AKA Jadi Clark  with the BIG news.

PicMonkey Collage2

Prior to this day, I had sent Jadi a picture of a cake a loved, that I had found on Pinterest. Being a serious always-in-a-hurry-person, I was yet to see a pinterest idea actually come to life but Jadi promised to do her best (Little did we know how gorgeous her best really was).

On Wednesday two of my besties came to stay the night and help me bake, and like typical girls, we ended up baking late into the night with tears rolling down our cheeks (us in hysteria) as our cake pops quite literally fell apart.

Thursday morning was spent amending all the mess we had made the night prior, as well as setting up for the tea set to start at 11am. (A public holiday here in SA). I decided to buy a few sweets in pick & blue and then to play with icing biscuits and a bit of baking, to save money as well as too ensure that the tea remained relaxed and not too over-the-top (matchy-matchy).

Guests arrived from 11am and all voted on the gender before walking in our front door. (H and I were convinced we were having a boy). At 11:30am, with some family members (others on Skype) and our closest  friends around us, we cut the cake and look what poured out….



The tears flowed as we took it all… The beginning of this new adventure of now preparing our baby girl :):)

PicMonkey Collage1

Stay tuned for more posts on what its like carrying a little one…



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