Tips to get you more productive


Whether it’s work-related, exercise-related, relationship-related or merely pleasure related…little is accomplished without setting ourselves a benchmark. Here are 4 simple but effective ideas that will inspire you to get your Productivity levels up…

  1. Set daily goals/ to do lists


  1. START your day with your most important task of the day

Many of us get to work and immediately look at our emails. Within minutes we are caught up with insignificant emails and tedious, unnecessary tasks. What a waste of a fresh, energized mind. Re-think the way you start your day!! Which emails “can” wait!


  1. Find your purpose

People are far more attracted to those who live purpose-filled lives.

Define the purpose of your company and start looking into the purpose of your life. Life isn’t always smooth sailing…and when the winds begin to blow, nothing will hold you up apart from knowing why you are doing this and who you are. It is a journey and no one expects to have landed…but to recognize the journey you’re on is incredibly empowering!!


  1. Organize your work space

Daily, time is wasted on searching for things forgotten, things not filed.

Only YOU can take charge over your workspace!

Spend a few hours or even a Saturday re-organizing your workspace. Spend some money on stationary/files/folders/labels.

Create a tray for daily paperwork, but make a RULE. When you leave for home at the end of the day, NOTHING can stay in that tray, unless you will continue working on it tomorrow (5min of filing at the end of a long day, will save you hours of searching and inefficiency in a week)


A habit takes 21 days to stick….so BE intentional with your workspace!


If you’re in the Durban area, then come & join us for the event below:



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