Fit Mommy: Trimester 3


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After 1500 km’s of driving, 2 weddings, a kitchen tea & 4 beds – our week in the Cape was wonderful, but the “I’m 7,5 months pregnant thing was very real too.”

3rd trimester has been all about a heavy tummy, shortness of breath & plenty braxton hicks (contraction-like tightening of the uterus). As of 30 weeks, I have felt a very real slowing down when it comes to exercise. While I have tried to continue my 2nd trimester exercise routine, I have been very aware of how my bub is coping, my sky-high heart rate and any tightening in my tummy makes me stop immediately.

30 weeks

Swimming WINS (hands down)

I presumed that walking (treadmill or on the road) would be the one exercise I could definitely continue late into pregnancy, but I was wrong. For some walking is easy – for me, after about 3 minutes of walking, my pelvis does some stretching & produces pain, which ‘quite simply’ I cannot walk through.

So swimming has been king!! Swimming is by far the easiest exercise to embrace while pregnant, as you really don’t feel much – your bub is happy, your body loves the break from carrying so much extra weight – and all in all, you just feel great!! Breastoke tends to bring on pelvic pain too though so freestyle has been my chosen style right through this trimester.


Endorphins makes you happy

Trimester 3, similar to tri 1, causes ones body to feel an intense tiredness. The desire to put those feet up, kicks in as early as lunch time for me – and I often experience nausea and aching feet if I don’t listen to my body. In saying that, exercise is known to be a fantastic way to up your energy levels. I have thus tried, where possible, to stick to morning exercise sessions, thus ensuring that I am getting my daily dose of endorphins while still allowing my body time to rest in the afternoon.


Rest – you are not lazy

As I write this, I sit here at 34 weeks, and after having genuinely LOVED being pregnant, I’m not going to pretend that it’s all bubbles & butterflies. As much I absolutely adore our bub, even the delight of feeling kicks has become less of a thrill when it means bruised ribs and sore braxton hicks contractions. One thing I’ve learnt this trimester is that resting does not make me lazy. It’s okay. Even advised.

Knowing that we are heading to our beach house this weekend for 3 weeks (i.e: until I am 37 weeks preggers) brings on great excitement. Time for feet up, sea-swims, whaling on the lilo in the pool, afternoon sleeps and morning yoga/stretch sessions on the deck J


Speak kindly to yourself

Being that my exercise routine has dwindled significantly this trimester – I have had what I suppose is the privilege of entering into the shoes of other soon-to-be mums, and watching my body stretch & expand with little input from my side to keep it toned. While I am fortunate to have gone into pregnancy fit & healthy, and have thus carried neatly and mainly only put on weight on my tummy – my legs have slowly started growing too now (no, not in length ;)), and other changes have taken place too that have been ‘new-ground’ for me. What I noticed very quickly was that along with the body changes, crept in negative self-talk and we all know where that get’s one. So for the past week, I have prioritized self-love – I have practiced speaking kindly to myself, reading affirmations to myself and I have embraced as much ‘bikini’ time as possible – i.e: putting on my bikini and practicing not looking for fault but rather embracing the moment, the people I am with at the beach/pool and talking to our growing bub within me. It’s amazing what a little ‘self-TLC’ can do for one’s self esteem.


You & your lingering thoughts determine how secure you are. No one else controls this.


So that’s me, friends… 3 trimesters of ‘Fit Mommy’ wrapped up right here J I have one more post though that is going out on the 27th December called ‘Fit Mommy – yet to be’ which is for all those who are dying to know how they can prepare their ‘fit bod’ before even falling pregnant. Please pray with me as we journey into this final month of waiting for our gorgeous bub’s arrival – I am trusting for a natural birth and of course for a healthy baby, so all prayers will be much appreciated.


Finally, my words to you if you are beginning this incredible journey of becoming a mum…

“You, beautiful, are beyond privileged to be able to carry your child in your womb. Speak kindly to yourself as your body adjusts to nourish this little life within you. You are its provider and God – it’s life force. Treat your body with utmost respect and use only words that will empower you. You are incredibly selfless to be willing to allow this child-you-are-yet-to-meet, to cause your body to expand, and change and stretch – well done gorgeous!!!! You’ve got this.”



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