Listening to Caitlyn speak is PHENOMENAL. From start to finish you will be hooked!

Funny, engaging & packed with practical tools. 


Caitlyn’s passion for life – and an in-born positivity – has inspired thousands of people across South Africa. Her core messages relate to self-management and living a life you love as YOU, and these come through powerfully in all of her talks, whether corporate or in less formal gatherings.

What does Caitlyn speak about?

Caitlyn's motivational talks are inspired by her academic knowledge gained from years of studying & lecturing Psychology & coaching hundreds of individuals. She also draws on her own raw emotions & life experiences to reach into the hearts of her audience and just not only their minds.

After leading a life of high achievement, Caitlyn hit rock bottom 13 years ago, lost in a world of not knowing who she was – outside of achieving! She underwent therapy and began a scary but beautiful pursuit of true fulfillment. She overcame an eating disorder and a self-limiting headspace whilst studying 6 years of Psychology, and entered a new path of life where achievement was no longer the goal, but instead a by-product of a happy, fulfilling life. 

Her passion for life, high energy levels and innate positivity, has inspired thousands of people (mostly women) across South Africa in corporate and more relaxed settings as well as Church conferences. 


Caitlyn’s most requested talk topics include:

  • Live a life that makes you truly Come Alive
  • Manage Stress by knowing yourself better
  • Move past Fear to embrace Opportunity
  • The Power of Habits (and their effect on productivity)
  • Self Management = the core of Job Satisfaction 
  • Strengthen your Resilience



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