You deserve to live a life you love!! Are you?



So many of us are trapped in a world where a mixture of personality and circumstances leave us with this deep belief that happiness is only for the optimistic type!

I’m here to tell you that that right there, is a BIG LIE!!!! After living in accordance with this belief for a long time, I eventually reached a point when I turned my back on my past, stop blaming, and started living. Fully!!!!

When I came across research on happiness, I was a little apprehensive…I mean, is happiness something that can be taught on, studied even?? Gracious was my world about be turned upside down. After having studied Psychology for 6 years, my belief in the power of personality, disorders and your thus inevitable fate suddenly came to a crashing halt. Letting go of this limited belief that I was ‘stuck’ is what literally turned my frown upside down. I’ve walked the road & can now talk the talk. This stuff is real. And it works!!

Only YOU are responsible for your happiness & until such time as you start to embrace this beautiful life you live more fully, you may never know what happiness in your shoes, could look like!!

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A coaching course based on Positive Psychology research – aimed at rewiring your brain to think more positively!!!

There is this innate belief that if you work harder at something, you’ll be more successful and in turn, happier…but we’ve got it all wrong!!! Research shows that increased levels of positivity feed success, and not the other way around!!

This 21 day course aims to help you reverse this formula & live happy now!!! Previously only a group course, this course can now be done via Skype or face-to-face, on your own, in a pre-organised group or I can come out to your home-group/friends/family.


This course is aimed at YOU, if you are…

  • In need of a little nudge in terms of your general positivity levels.
  • Up for a challenge, or 5, and are determined to see change take place in your life.
  • Determined to get ahead in life…to turn your back on average living and to rewire your mind to think like a ‘happy’ person.
  • Born for greatness….and dying to dig into living happy now!!


Next course starts in Hillcrest, KZN on the Monday 3rd November. Have you signed up yet??


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You deserve to live a life you love!! Are you?



  1. Jen Hulley on October 27, 2014 at 1:05 pm

    Hi Caity

    I just love what you are doing and look forward to your regular updates. You girlfriend, are going to go from strength to strength and the best part is that you will be helping so many people along the way.

    Take care special one.

    God bless



  2. caitlyndb on November 2, 2014 at 4:52 am

    Thanks so much Jen! Appreciate your kind words. Love to you & Charley

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