Wild & Free

Wild and free…that’s our Sarah in a nutshell. And her hair fits the label too. She was born with dark hair but it quickly fell out and came back blonde and curly. Her hair is often what she’s known for, as it is truly beautiful, but man-oh-man controlling it is not quite as beautiful a task.

Being her feisty self, and aged 2, washing hair is an absolute nightmare and then trying to brush out all of the knots is even worse. We’ve attempted fancy conditioners, but to be honest, one wash nearly pushes us over the edge, washing her hair twice borders on impossible. We then got hold of a spray-in conditioner which worked really well in controlling her locks but the cost of it made me cringe every time I reached the teller. AND THEN… we were gifted with an Organics pack that included a kids 2-in-1 hair wash.

Now, first-things-first, they are NOT paying me to say this so I promise this is genuine.

We spent last weekend in Mozambique and after avoiding hair-washing for a good few days, I finally held Se down (literally) and gave her hair a good wash with this new product. I loved that it was a 2-in-1 and thus required 1 wash (1st WIN) but was interested to see how her hair handled it.

After her shower, I managed to brush her hair relatively easily and with little reaction from her (2nd WIN). Being that hair-drying Se’s hair is quite possibly more of a challenge then even washing it, we avoid it where possible, and so I let her hair dry naturally. I want the picture below to speak for itself, as I was simply blown away by how gorgeously her hair dryed (naturally) after using this product.


It’s safe to say, I am definitely a fan. Well done Organics!!


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