Why wait 'til Monday: What makes you tick..



This month we have looked to the 2 sides of The Happiness coin. The first being the more general of the two: Looking specifically at the power of positive thinking, how your thoughts affect your behaviour & how to build positive habits in your life & how your self talk affects your happiness levels. This week we divulge into the other side of the coin: The ‘you’ in all this.

While happiness is mainly made up of what and how we think, another distinguishing element of happiness is that of…

“What makes you come alive”

This question has proved to open up the flood gates to joy & fulfilment for more clients of mine, than I can count. It’s so easy to leave the very things that make us feel alive for the holidays (or special occasions), but what would your life look like if you chose to add these things to your everyday. What would it look like if you chose to embrace all that makes you happy, today!!!!

Be inspired to live a life you love. There is no greater time to start, than now!!



Click here to Download this video’s FREE Printable

This can be used as a brainstorming page for marking out what truly makes you tick!!!


The Challenge: Start adding one of these elements to your day, everyday, for the next 7 days.

Remember habits are built with intentionality! Intentionally start doing the things you love!!!



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