The truth behind your eating disorder (Part 3 – There's HOPE)



Reason 3

 #3 You are convinced that you will have live with THIS for the rest of your life

I will never forgot bursting into tears in my psychologist’s rooms in 2007, and when she asked me what was up, the only thing I could get out was “I just wish I could meet someone who had actually beaten this thing.” Simply put, I had run out of hope and the only logical thing that I felt could inspire me to make these HUGE changes stick, would be to see living proof that it is actually possible.

Today, I want to say to you…

Let me be your proof!


Whether food fills your thoughts all day, or your tummy – either way it’s caught you up, and my guess is that deep down you’ve given up hope that it will ever go away.

I wouldn’t do the work that I do if, for even 1 second, I believed that people can’t change. They can. I see it everyday. Real changes. Big changes. Life-changing changes.

The saying ‘Once an addict always an addict’ makes my blood boil. My guess is that part of this theory is based on the idea that ONLY certain personality types are drawn to addiction, and this part, I have seen to be true for the most part. But in saying that, there is SO much more evidence out there now, than ever before, that we as human beings are capable of actually rewiring our brains; thus changing the very thought (or addiction) at its source. {Go and google Caroline Leaf to see some amazing work into this realm}

What this new neuroscience is also showing though, is that our brains LOVE to hardwire EVERYTHING & that means that once you’ve repeated certain behaviour/s a number of times, your brain will struggle to ever forget this. BUT while it may not forget, your brain can create NEW pathways, positive pathways – pathways that lead to freedom. And that is 100% in your hands!!!!


I’ll give you a quick example…

When you were little your biggest concern, when looking in the mirror, was whether anyone noticed that your ears stuck out a bit more than others did…
Then you hit your teens, and someone commented on the gap between their legs, or absence of, and suddenly your eyes were drawn to your thighs. Your mirror time became focused on your legs and you developed a simply ‘gross’ self-talk that you spoke over your body every time you looked at it. You thought this language was due though, as you genuinely saw your body in the way that you spoke to it…
Then you reached your late 20s and suddenly someone comments on the lines around their eyes, and wow, just like that you lose interest in your thighs and love-handles but those lines around your eyes??!!! Gracious. And so your self-hate language shifts to aging, and your thoughts are filled with ideas of how to stop this dreadful aging-process from happening.

What I want you to notice here, is how your habit of negative self-talk remained the same, but the focus changed. And the only reason it did so, is because YOUR focus changed. The thoughts we give the most AIRTIME to are the very ones that dominate our minds all day, and ultimately create the life we then live out. Your love handles haven’t gone away, you’ve just shifted your focus elsewhere.

But imagine what would happen if we didn’t merely shift our focus but rather changed our language. That way, even when the lines around your eyes become a past-worry, whatever the media picks next, won’t affect you…because you would have NAILED speaking to yourself with love and respect. {We’ll chat about this next week}

This along with dealing with negative emotions effectively, are the 2 things that have CHANGED my life!!

I’m not going to pretend that that it’ll be easy my friend, BUT it is SO possible. I am leaps and bounds ahead of where I was 8 years ago and that all began when I started to speak to myself (by speaking to myself I mean – thinking) in a way that honoured my body, my personality, me!!!


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Let’s get you loving ALL of YOU, beautiful!!

PS: On Thursday we’re chatting about how to survive your next clothes shop 😉


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