The health decision that changed my life


I’m a recovering extremist.

I’ve always been an extremes kind of girl. When I commit to something I do it with all of my heart, no looking back. This has served me positively in many areas of my life, but when it comes to health, this extreme way of life has only limited me.

I spent years jumping between only eating one cheat food a day/week, cutting out sugar, then carbs, then back to both. I’d exercise my little rear-end off (quite literally) and then I’d decide to start juicing and embrace that full-force. The truth is, I lived a life that mirrors many of the girls’ lives, who I now see as clients.

You see this extreme way of life is far from frowned upon in society today. Everyone seems to be jumping from no-sugar to high-fat to giving-up-coffee. It’s not just accepted, it’s recommended. Now don’t get me wrong, I GET that this works for some people & that’s great…but from my experience of working with over a hundred girls and helping them come to a place where they love their bodies and live with a healthy mind, I’ve noticed that EXTREMES FAIL US DAILY.

Extremes look like rules in our minds. And our brains hate DON’Ts. What we aim on doing by cutting things out of our diets is to eventually get to a point where our brains forgets that THAT item ever existed, but often what happens instead is that our brains spend extra time creating sheath (physical matter) around that thought pattern and thus reinforce the very thing you hoped to erase. (Don’t lose me here) Simply put = By choosing to ERASE something, it usually becomes an even bigger deal than before!

However…by allowing a little of everything, our brains find comfort in this new pattern and are less likely to enter into anxiety, obsession or a sense of failure. By stopping with extremes you’re creating space in your mind to live FREELY & to learn to listen to what your body needs in the moment, rather than fighting against it. (Note here that if you’re an emotional eater then there are ways around that too – Here’s more on that).

On a personal note, I’ve given up ever cutting out anything. I don’t diet, stop eating sugar, cut-out-coffee or carbs. I eat them all, when my body asks for them. This new pattern hasn’t just enhanced a healthy mind space for me, but my body has thrived too!



  1. Shannon on July 13, 2016 at 2:09 pm

    Amen! I have literally followed this exact pattern and now embrace the lifestyle of listening to my body too! Everything is moderation 🙂

    • caitlyndb on July 13, 2016 at 3:27 pm

      Yay Shan, LOVE hearing that other fit, healthy girls embrace this way of life too 🙂

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