Surround yourself with dreamers and doers…

Like it or not, it’s a fact that the people around you shape you into who you are and will become. After running my Happiness Project course for a few months now, I have seen the very real affect that positivity can have on a person’s life. Surrounding yourself with positive people, will not only make you think more positively but it also gives you room to dream, to grow and to take leaps forward in your life.
I wrote a post a few months back about who you include in your inner circle {read the post here}, and while your inner circle is vital to your personal success…your outer circle may also be having a bigger affect on your daily life than you currently realize.
In a world where job satisfaction, or lack thereof, is the biggest current motivator for people leaving their jobs, it is fair to say that people are more in touch and expressive of their feelings regarding work, than ever before. And with the help of social media, you don’t even need to be in the same office as someone anymore, to know how devastating their day was, or job is, or life will be if…
And so along these lines, I want to challenge you to be aware of the people you’ve allowed to form your outer circle, as these people may be influencing your mood, attitude, productivity and general levels of positivity; even if it’s merely over Facebook.

A few simple tips:

1.    Have a friend on Facebook whose statues are always negative? Why not hide their statuses from your news feed. That way you won’t be ruining the friendship but you’ll be protecting yourself from the effects this person has on you.
2.    Surrounded by negative co-workers? This is a tough one but there’s always a way out. You could leave a conversation when you hear it’s turning sour, you could change the subject by adding in something positive about your lives or even jobs, or could even go as far as suggesting an office project, where everyone has to pay R10/ $1 each time they are caught speaking negatively in the office. This money could be pooled and used for something fun to build team morale.
3.    Have a friend that is a pro at making your dreams seem unrealistic and unimportant? As much as friendships are essential to our well-being, we also need to listen to the voice within. Depending on how close you are to this person you could do one of two things: Either address it with him/her in a safe, non-judgmental way, or you could make a concerted effort to spend less time in this person’s presence. {Sound extreme? I guess in a way it is, but no one else is going to take control of your life, so either you live with the effects of listening to someone trample on your dreams or you take control of the situation}   
“Don’t let someone who gave up on their dreams, talk you out of yours!”

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