Some changes…we need to be intentional about!

Life is full of opportunities for Joy, Passion and Contentment to be birthed. We often limit ourselves by getting too comfortable with certain behaviours, in a relationship or even just a small habit we always thought we could one day break…but haven’t.

Change is inevitable in everyday life…but not all change ‘just happens’. Some changes, we need to be intentional about. Some changes require courage, determination and self respect. 
Some require letting go, others require picking up where we once left off. Some require tears, sweat, heart-ache and others joy. But all in all, some changes just NEED to be made.

So what change/s do you need to make??!! 

I can’t help you with that one, but what I can say is that I am sure there is something deep-down that you have wanted to start, or let go of for a while now. 
Hint, hint – that may just be it!!!
It’s time to take a hold of your life! You only get one life to live…don’t waste it on tomorrow. Today is your day. 
Your decisions are yours to make, no one else can determine where you end up one day…this is YOUR life, your destiny. is time to take action. To make a change. A small one, perhaps, maybe a big one…but either way, today YOU will take hold of your life again..of your future!
And so will I 🙂

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