Trimester 3 Workout Program


Your final trimester is here – you are likely to be incredibly excited to meet your baby but possibly anxious too about your birthing process.  Both of these emotions are completely natural.

One important fact to note in this trimester, is that your joints are loosening significantly now in preparation for birth, so care needs to be taken not to over-do exercise.

Overview of Trimester 3 workout plan:

This trimester is broken into 4 sections –

  • Weeks 25 – 27
  • Weeks 28 – 30
  • Weeks 31 – 33
  • Weeks 34 – 36

In each section, Day 1 focuses on lower body (30 min workout), Day 3 focuses on upper body (30 min workout) and days 2 & 4  can include any form of pregnancy safe cardio – 20min workout

You’re carrying a lot more weight now so please  take it easy when it comes to cardio. A maximum of 20 minutes cardio is advisable.

* Once payment has gone through – you will receive an immediate option to download the PDF for this program.



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